Damn you, Dementia…

Mum at Kai Iwi Lakes, January 2019

You’ve watched me

Grow up

I’ve watched you

grow old

And I speak for you


When I used to do

As I was told

Your face is

Still the same

And your eyes…

They sometimes


But your words

Are lost on me

And you

You don’t want me

To go…

I kiss you

Many times

Touch your face

And hug you


You ask me

Where my Dad is

You’re shocked

When I say

He’s gone…


The light

Kait King 2019

33 thoughts on “Damn you, Dementia…

  1. This really spoke to me as I watched my Husband watch his grandfather pass with dementia. There are days that he talks about him, and what he might be doing now. Very well written, and I will pray for strength in the time to come.

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    • Thank you so very kindly🌻 It was a very hard time. Sadly she passed, although a blessing considering the alternative. I miss her still 😪 thank you again for your kind words 🙏🌻


    • Oh I’m sorry to hear that, it’s a very hard road. My mum couldn’t understand why she hadn’t seen my dad and he hadn’t visited her….he had passed 5 years before. And she was so heartbroken when I had to tell her that he had passed. I remember I’m the daughter she created and how lucky was I!🥰🙏 ☀️🌻

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      • Awww.. I bet she felt like her husband died yesterday. It is really hard but the only thing we can do now is enjoy the moment and the humor dementia brought to them. My dad and his siblings can’t tolerate my grandma because she kept on insisting that her home has been ransacked and the burglar get her notebooks, cups, keys and whatever she misplaced😂
        Does your mom took some pills at the moment for dementia? My grandma still not believing she has deterioration of memory and logical reasoning. Until now she doesn’t believe what the doctor told her about her dementia. I hope and pray someday dementia and alzheimers will have medical breakthrough🙏.

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      • Yeah it was awful! And yes, we laughed a lot too 🥰 I hold those sweet and funny moments close. And yes, she was on medication…we struggled with that, thought the water was poisoned, just one of many sad and stressful situations. She has finally joined my dad on the other side, I see them young and happy so my heart is comforted by that. All you can do is love her, through all of it. Strength, courage and love to you and yours

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      • Virtual hugs Kait! It will never be the same without her but in a positive note atleast she is now with your dad and they are both praying for the safety and happiness of your family! Thank you for sharing your memories with your mom and it helped me to value more time with my grandma eventhough she is a handful 🥰😂.

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      • Lol 😁 yes, she will be several handfuls as time goes on but you know they can’t help it and yes, my mum wrote letters to us well before she passed or had dementia and the very last line says” your dad and I will always be by your side and looking out for you…” They need alot of reassurance and gentleness as the disease progresses. Never forget that she loves you and doesn’t mean the crazy that comes out of her! 🥰🌻


    • I’m so sorry for the loss you’re experiencing… I know I must face the same some time 😔💔. People say she’s not my mum anymore, but she’ll always be my mum. The hardest part is when she asks why my dad isn’t visiting her or there…and I must tell her that he has passed away nearly 6 years ago. Very sad. Thank you for reading and again, I’m sorry for your loss. As I say, you don’t die, you get upgraded!😊🙏🌻


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