At Lunch Today


At lunch today

I fell a little more

in love with you

Your smile grazes the

inside of my heart with

such passion

At lunch today

your blue eyes brighter

for seeing me

Sparkling over

sparkling water

with just a hint

of lemon

that cannot sour

our chemistry

At lunch today

while I watched you


I followed your lips

watched your mouth

heard nothing

and thought just

about kissing

I love lunch with you

Β© Kait King, 2017


60 thoughts on “At Lunch Today

  1. I love lunches with him too. The way he gazes at me, the way he compliments the way I talk or the way I look at him is what I love the most about him. I love lunches with him, quite a lot.
    This poem has been beautifully written , it just made my day. I made him ho through this too. πŸ˜ƒ


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  3. What can I add to these amazing comments? Nothing apart from this is thoroughly the best writer expressing her innermost thoughts and that makes me feel blessed. Love your poetry and your prose, Kait, bless and keep safe today and always.

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