Suicide – is it really a free ticket out?


With a delicate stillness

and a quiet noise

with porcelain perfection

and perfect China poise

the body is supine

lying dead on the floor

supine in exsanguination

a choice to become Death’s whore

Ruby red your favourite colour

you wear it very well

although I won’t see you out much

a story we will tell

Did you get off scot-free?

Did you truly escape?

Or will you have to pay your dues

and return to this landscape…

Β© Kait King, 2015

84 thoughts on “Suicide – is it really a free ticket out?

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  2. I am stuck on the title i mean Your poem is amazing and wonderful But i’m stuck on the title like Suicide is Not a free ticket out i tried to kill myself 2 years ago and i 11 pills my morning pills plus my night pills all together i toke 11 pills and i felt my body My whole body go numb and I just wanted to let people know that it is not a free way out of it because you’re also causing pain for your mom and dad and the rest of you’re family But i can’t wait for more of your writing

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  3. Beauty lies in the middle of a pool, but is it really the cowards way out? It takes a lot to kill and a whole lot more to take your own life. That never detracts from the beauty of a poem well written I love it, Kait, may 2017 be kind to you and offer more than it takes, live long, prosper and suffer less my dear friend xoxo

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    • I feel your hurt – Sometimes all you can do is live through the next minute, let alone the next day…but that is what I do, one foot in front of the other x you can contact me in private if you want, happy to listen πŸ™‚ sometimes that’s all you need too.

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    • Thank you very much πŸ™‚ I have dealt with so much suicide (and research based) that I find it so dark in itself, especially for those left behind and when it’s kids and teenagers….I learned to tell the families that sometimes the soul needs to be free, no matter what, to be able to go back home – it gives some comfort in the darkest place…:(

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    • Thank you very much for your kind words πŸ™‚ Funny you say that, as I read every poem out loud to make sure it sounds like it should before I publish it!


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