Just to Be

Just to be

Just to be painless

I need to be numb

Just to be painless

I must be made dumb

I can’t connect

but just lie in a bed

Life laughs

at my bet

Just to be painless

I can’t be me

Just to be painless

I can’t be free

Just to be painless

and live a life

I wanted to live

The purpose

that would give

Just to be painless

Β© Kait King, 2016


62 thoughts on “Just to Be

  1. I don’t know how to be painless
    & to be happy at the same time
    maybe there isn’t a mountain
    that’s why we don’t have to climb
    I don’t know all the truth there is
    but in these letters with rhyme
    I hope to share my humble dime
    keep being grateful, sharing love
    do your best is something prime.

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  2. Beautiful poem, life is not even handed, some trees grows in someone’s belcony and get water everyday, some grows on the road side await rain. One missing rain another missing proper care. Pain is something we all have i guess.

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  3. Kait,

    The concept of the composition is very profound, and you have done an amazing job at walking us, the reader, through each line. I really enjoyed the repetition– it added harmony, which I loved as much as the concept itself. Truly mesmerizing.


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  6. In your poems I always find a true reflection of my life. I am just now going through a period of loneliness. And I am not able to know where to go and whom to approach. To whomever I say, they tell me the same: “Accept what it is so as to avoid pains and conflicts”
    But I can’t. I have always been a person who speaks and stands for what I think. Sorry, I commented all my pains in your post. But I feel a respect for you from your writings and also I feel a kind of secured feel that you won’t tell it to anyone. Thank you!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing that with me and yes, you are safe here. I think what you are going through – the loneliness, sadness, a grieving even – these things are needed to heal you. When I am in a bad place and feeling like that, I think: “If I was my own friend, what would I do to comfort myself, to care for myself, what advice would I give myself? ” Sometimes it is good to step away and look from the outside. Take care of you, take time to be sad, to contemplate and move forward – there are no time limits, just follow your spirit and it will let you heal. Thank you so much again for sharing, for reading my words and inspiring me too. Peace, love and light πŸ™‚

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  7. Hi there. I’ve been browsing through my feeds, and I came across your Blog Page, your writings are all honest and raw, and I am really amaze by the fact that a lot of people, still loves to write and express their emotions through this passionate freedom, I will follow your Blog because I cannot wait to read more of your posts, and I hope you can follow my Blog Page as well, I really need opinions and thoughts about my writings. Thank you!

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  8. Peace and love, my dear Kait. Pain drives us onward, we become so used to feeling it we wonder where it’s gone when we don’t feel it. If I could take your pain, mix it with mine and throw it all away to a place it would never bother anyone again, would that bring us peace? I like to think so, pain free is better than doped up to be painless, take care my very dear friend xoxo

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  9. Beautiful words kait. BB King once said, “In order to sign the blues you’ve got to suffer first.”

    The same holds true for us writers & poets. Do not shy away from your pain. Instead, turn into it. Bring it into your wheelhouse and use it to stoke the fire Down below that pushes you onward. Bless up.

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