My SupaSista


This is for my amazing SupaSista

Who has been my strength throughout

My bestest friend and my sister

I just couldn’t do without

Tea and piklet scarfing

Feeling handbags and clothes

Sharing everything like it’s with myself

Things no one else knows

I’ve been at my lowest

Boy that was lowest low

And there she was like a shining beacon

Loving me and letting me know

Happy Birthday to my incredible, dynamic, smart, funny and beautiful sister – I can’t tell you how blessed I feel that you’re a part of MY family! I love you so much xxx


30 thoughts on “My SupaSista

    • Oh it is incredible 😊She’s my biggest supporter, my best representative and greatest fan 😁We actually have a mutual fan club haha! 🤗 I will never jeopardize this x


    • Family is so important – I’m so sad to see and hear of so many families that fight – that’s not to say we haven’t had our differences but somehow all of us know that we don’t want the last thing to be hateful or negative that you’ve said to someone you love. I’m just so grateful for my mum and sister, I just couldn’t survive without them! I call my sister my earth-angel 🙂 thank you for your wishes, much peace and love to you and your family 🙂

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