What I Didn’t Do…

I woke up early one morning, as per usual. I have a weird sleep pattern due to medication and pain so it was about 4 am. Turned on the TV, said hello to my little bunnies, Miss Hunny Bunny Bumps and Wally and made a cup of tea to take back to bed. I watched Amy Schumer and something else…I think Murder made me Famous – I can’t exactly remember but I was in a cheerful place and not exactly engrossed in what I was watching at the time. So typically I picked up my laptop and started opening up the usuals; Google – email, WordPress etc.

I’ve been on WordPress for two years in March 2017. I am pleased to say I have only ever had one other situation similar to this and that was when I first began, but on the whole, I have met beautiful people who all have things/demons/relationships/life/death/guilt etc to deal with – just like everybody else.

Yet this morning someone unpleasant had visited about 5 or 6 poems and written some nasty shit on them – just negative, angry, hateful. Now I don’t tolerate hate and I certainly don’t want my blog that I write with truth and heart to be connected to that hate, so I had to block this person. Before I did that, I went to go and see their blog to find out what kind of person they were before I did cut them off. The blog I visited was full of negativity and darkness, degrading, nasty stuff. “I don’t give a fuck about anybody and Fuck you all” were the repetitive take-away messages of the day, every day. I read one of the pieces written all the way through, by force, as it was painfully boring, poor grammar and spelling – but most of all, just not what anyone wants to hear! But I afforded the blogger the return bother and time in reading it, as they had bothered to read and comment, although negatively, on mine.

The post was telling people basically to keep their nose out of other peoples business (this had also been said on one of my poems as well as it was bullshit and I was fake), anyway, this is what they were spouting about on their own blog. Keep out of my shit and don’t fuck with me! were also threats I received on my own poems…weird – I thought they were my writings and thoughts/experiences anyway! So I wrote a comment on the bottom of the post and said it was wise to take one’s own advice and that I was sorry they were so pissed at the world. The End. I did not get angry or upset or take these foolish words to heart. I did not respond with hate or vengeance or retaliation. I did not bite – they went away….there’s something in that….

Kait King 2017

10 thoughts on “What I Didn’t Do…

    • Oh you get that on the big jobs lol 😁Y’know some people will always have something negative to say, something negative to feel, hear, live by…I just make sure I’m doing the right thing πŸ™‚πŸŒ» or at least try…πŸ’ž

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  1. I’m sorry that happened Kait. You handled it with class, though. You certainly do not deserve that kind of treatment. It is interesting how it gets easier to not bite back as you move away from negativity. I’m glad it didn’t detract from your good mood. Sending extra love to you nonetheless!!! ❀️😊

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  2. Yep there are alt of strange, bitter people out there… Ego’s rule in today society bordering on phycopathic lustcto battle and degrade in order to feel better of themselves… Attention seeking behaviour… Look at our banking system, g

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