2. Don’t Ever Assume That….

Just because 2

2. Just because you write, your long sentences are effective…


18 thoughts on “2. Don’t Ever Assume That….

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  2. So true. One good look at some of my older drafts, and my head spins. I have also noticed it on wattpad and other sharing sites. I have even seen it with some indie books –Great idea fellow writer, but so many run on sentences. I think this is a common thing for newer writers. One tries to be descriptive. One tries to think these sentences have flow. What one doesn’t know, is it becomes droll and can distract a reader from the story. I still do this in drafts, but that’s why we always revise and self edit.

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    • Absolutely! It’s crucial to revise and edit several times, not just once. It’s all a part of finding out what draws people in and then keeps their attention. I do the same when I look back at drafts. Sometimes I just go through and start putting fullstops/periods everywhere to break it up and tell a better story, hopefully!😁 Thank you for your commentπŸŒ»πŸ™πŸ™‚


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