Ricky (Ramirez) – The Night Stalker

Richard Ramirez

Crimes so heinous

have made you famous

While your victims lie

deep in the dirt

Your name is remembered

with murder it is tempered

Those left behind in a life

drowned with hurt

Your face is well known

a killer repeatedly shown

The victims in photographs

quietly inert
Kait King 2017

9 thoughts on “Ricky (Ramirez) – The Night Stalker

  1. Funny, Kait, I just wrote a bit about serial killers in my post. I used to study them obsessively. Ramirez was abused by his mother, if I recall, and targeted women that resembled her. There’s a mass murder in my area right now – the killer just confessed. It blows me away how insensitive people and news outlets are to the victims. They are currently digging human remains of four young men, as people call them drug addicts, attempt to dig up any info from Facebook, and seem to have no hearts for the pain that these four families are enduring. The victims are afterthoughts to the gore, right? Hope you are well, lovely one!

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    • It’s tragic but we glorify the horror. Just about everyone will know a serial killers’ name but even if you mention a victims’ name they have no clue. I’ve always been fascinated by the violent criminal/sexual mind, my criminal degree was awesome as I could take Psych A and B and Abnormal Psych – a guide to the criminally insane, resilient and resistant. Ricky was influenced by his uncle who killed his wife (Ricky’s aunt) in front of him. Also ex war vet who showed him pictures of rape and beheadings etc from his tours. Disastrous but others grow up in same or worse states and don’t become a Ricky…It’s both nurture and nature required for cataclysms! Peace, love n light, i trust you are well and happy! 😀

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