Monetize Me or Dehumanize Me?

Seismic airguns are used to find oil and gas deep underneath the ocean floor. Airguns are so loud that they disturb, injure or kill marine life, harm commercial fisheries, and disrupt coastal economies. These blasts are repeated every ten seconds, 24 hours a day, for days and weeks at a time.

Crazy isn’t it – that money is the most important thing to have…

It’s not even just necessary to live anymore, but needed in excess of a gluttonous, consumable rate. Also, sadly at the expense of every other earthling – plant, mammal, marine, insect life. Ultimately at the expense of our Mother Earth – without whom we wouldn’t exist….But sure, let’s go ahead and blast the oceans, rape and pillage land and sea. Mankind is adventurous and a conqueror! Of what? Ourselves? War seems to already qualify that bizarre question!

Discovery and experimentation for the benefit of survival of all living things is most definitely a necessity, don’t get me wrong. But destroying our only home for the benefit of gaining money is a totally different story. Forward thinking has become about bank accounts when it needs to be about human accountability. Animals adapt to their surroundings, blend in – whereas people force the surroundings to adapt to what they require, causing droughts, floods, contamination.

Humans are the most alien thing to this planet – perhaps we are the ones who don’t belong here…

Kait King 2017


26 thoughts on “Monetize Me or Dehumanize Me?

  1. The modern world is supported by advertisements, and cheap dopamine hits. The fragile psyche of our species doesn’t seem to understand the difference between want and need. We receive the same neurological reward through various forms of entertainment as a hard days work. I believe we are lost to the fictional worlds we’ve built. Humanity has no way back; we’ve crossed too many lines leading up to and within our modern technocracy. Creating our own synthetic pleasures in exchange for our souls. Perhaps, I am just a pessimist.
    Good read. Really made me think.

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    • It feels quite hopeless at the moment, you’re right. And really hard to stay positive or even think of a future….I think, sadly, realist may be more appropriate. Thank you for taking the time to read it!πŸ™‚πŸŒ» That’s greatπŸ‘

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  2. I go through this pain so often and can relate very well to yours Kait. There is no end to human greed.
    Humans are the most dangerous beings on our planet 😌
    Each of us should the best we can (including prayers) and let go.
    Mother Nature has survived for billions of years and it shall survive many billions more. Humans may not …..

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