My Love

my love

The day draws painfully long,

my love

without you in it

The night a torturous silence,

my love

when you are not in my bed

A meal for two,

my love

is now a punch in my gut

and I cannot eat a morsel

thank you,

my love

let me thank you for

a lesson learned

As I never would have believed,

my love

that I would never be with you

© Kait King, 2017


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  7. Falling in love is great. But staying in love is difficult. When you meet someone who sweeps you off your feet, makes your skin tingle, and ignites deep feelings, the next logical step is to get into a committed relationship with them. After all, isn’t cementing your bond and planning your life ahead the most beautiful part of being in love?
    Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Relationships have become rather complex these days with many factors impacting their success or failure.
    In some relationships (most people will say), commitment means being exclusive. Not seeing anyone else romantically. However, the opposite isn’t necessarily true: agreeing to be exclusive doesn’t automatically mean that you’re committed to a relationship. You’re simply only going to date one another for the time being. But a commitment takes things to the next level: you’re ready to dedicate yourself to being a good partner and seeing where this relationship can go.

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