Write, goddammit, write Kait!

Write Kait

Write Kait

Write Kait

Write some more

So I spread my mind

Like the legs of a


Make yourself write, Kait

It’s not at your leisure

Even being forced

could be a hidden pleasure

Type Kait

Type Kait

And type some more

so my fingers

fly over keys

of some succulent score

ยฉ Kait King, 2016

66 thoughts on “Write, goddammit, write Kait!

  1. Okay, here goes – wait – spoiler alert: Iโ€™ve been called several of these things. A couple of them today … Bastard, Dink, Doofus … Charisma, Subtle … Pickle, Blasphemy … Chooch (Italian slang for Donkey). I actually prefer Whorish over Whore.

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