Compare and Despair

Compare and despair

It’s your speciality

how you play with me

with mind in motion

and bodies in ecstasy



your laugh trapped in time

Secretly you practice

your lines

A mirror glance

poison flows

those eyes watch with compare

assessing what you haven’t got

collapsing in despair

Β© Kait King, 2015

26 thoughts on “Compare and Despair

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  2. Wonderfully evocative, and so amazing! I’ve just finished reading about children with RAD (I think my grandson has something wrong in his DNA and I’m trying to figure out what it is). Then this poem comes up and says a lot to me too. Kait, you really are the most amazing perceptive and inspirational person I’ve never met. Thank you so much for helping without knowing you were. For being there for me when I need a friend and providing wonderful advice which you couldn’t have known was needed. My dearest friend and sister, may love and peace continue to emanate from you and may you always find the same from others. Love you so much as you always give without asking for anything in return. Long may our friendship last xoxo

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    • Oh Dave thank you! As I write what I do know from my heart, I just never know what those words will mean to someone else. I know timing has a massive impact on what certain things will mean to us and how we perceive or read them – but I’m just so grateful that my words found their way to you when you needed them πŸ™‚ And what an awesome granddad you are to be searching for answers too!! Peace with answers, love and light – blessings my dear faraway friend. I laughed my arse off, by the way, when I read the ‘never met’ bit ….thought it was a typo initially hahahahaha! Love ya bro! Have a most beautiful time xoxo

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