I am a Winner


Everyone is so obsessed with winning at everything – work, sports, relationships – absolutely everything. I wonder if those people who are so focused on winning every argument, every game, every decision – have ever thought that they can let it go – like everybody’s a winner in the biggest race of all as far as I’m concerned. If you’ve been born then you have won the biggest race of all! You are a winner – the biggest winner out of millions of other sperm that were in a race for life – I am a winner – we won! Now let’s just succeed at being our own very best here instead of obsessing about being better than someone else’s best…


45 thoughts on “I am a Winner

  1. Well said. There’s a race going on. And everyone is being primed since a very young age to only run. What is there at the end of the run ……..what is there to gain……no one tells in detail or rather nobody knows.

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    • Exactly! Our insecurities, anxieties and doubts should be swept away each day, knowing we were made especially to be here, on Earth, at this time, with these people and experiences. 🌻🕊🙂


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