Cloudy days ahead

So my life goes on

without you

every day I

feel the pain

sleeping in our bed

without you

sunshine just

turned to rain

In your world

do I take up space?

Am I somewhere

in your mind?

Have I got a

special place

even though you

left me behind?

© Kait King, 2015


23 thoughts on “Cloudy days ahead

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  2. hi Kate, state of pain and love in your poem…..have you read Rumi, if not then do read once. It will relieve your pains, sooth out the burns on heart.
    though i have read only one book on him not more than that, but reading it will bring joy and open up the intricacies of life. Elif Shafak’s The Forty Rules Of Love.

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    • Thank you so kindly, and yes, I have read some of Rumi’s words. I write as a way of expressing myself and often my words are from way back when, when I was a very young, foolish soul. It reminds me of times back then, just as the joyous or present words remind me now how grateful I am to be wiser and safer in myself! Take care, peace, love n light 🙂🙏

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  4. Kait, my dear Kait, why do you miss him so much, he was no good for you. I’m here for you 😎 always. Wonderful way to start my day, with a poem from you. Love as always my dear Kiwi, hope you’re keeping well and not really missing me too much 😉 xoxo

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  5. It hurts.
    It hurts that I can relate to your words so well.
    Oh, it hurts.
    It hurts like hell.

    You’ve done it again Kait.
    I love your work. It really does speak to me (and many others).

    Be well,

    (PS: Somehow I must’ve hit the unfollow button by accident, I just noticed I had to re-follow you again. I knew I was missing someone in my reader.) 😉

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    • 🙂 No problem but thanks for noticing I wasn’t there any more (not hard really, seeing as I’m always in everyone’s face!) :p And thank you again, you say the most inspiring things! 🙂 Take care out there

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