A Mantra for those Suffering from Violence

a-nz-highest-rate of violence

You will never

have power over me

You’ve taken everything

that you can see

but you will never

have power over me

You will never

have my mind

You’ve beaten me black

held me behind

But I promise, you will never

have my mind

You will never

have my soul

You tell me I’m ugly

stupid and old

But I swear, you will never

have my soul

Β© Kait King, 2016

38 thoughts on “A Mantra for those Suffering from Violence

    • Shocking stats in NZ…and that’s just the reported crime that was scary enough to call the police….horrendous for such a little country. She’s not so shiny n nice on the inside!!

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  1. Partner abuse seems to ebb and flow, sometimes high oft times low, but that is because so much goes unreported, since it’s not physical. How often do people find the courage to escape an abusive partner AND take their lives back? Congratulations to you for doing it, my darling Kait, and living to warn others xoxo

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    • Oh I have not been with a violent man but had an incident with a flatmate when I was a student in 2009, who wanted something from me that I didn’t want to give. After a while I called the police and got it sorted but when I looked back with 20/20 vision I should have contacted the Police ages before when it first began, the bullying and threats etc (I’m 6ft but he was 3 times my size and 6ft4). But it gave me an insight into women who do live with violence and on a regular basis like; why they stood up to them and would rather take a beating in doing that and possibly face death, but at least it would be over, an understanding of why they stayed, funnily enough! And why they killed their sleeping husbands/partners. It gave me a view I didn’t have before I joined the Police and dealt with domestic violence. I was terrified at the time but blessed to be given the understanding by the Universe! (It was such a gift when dealing with victms of violence – they knew I really did ‘get’ it) πŸ™‚ The only way I could truly understand it was to have that experience without the actual connections! πŸ™‚ Peace, love and light my friend xoxo

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