Are there many?

Or are there none?

Will I know

before I’m done?

Are they angry?

Mean and unkind?

Or gentle and understanding

with a heart much bigger

than mine?

If I don’t obey,

they tell

I’ll be going

straight to Hell

My god has not

that human spite

he’s not angry,

vengeful or

serial killer smite-like

And perhaps I am


just a little unsure

But my god knows

that I believe

and I know there’s so much more…

Kait King 25/07/2018

31 thoughts on “Gods

  1. God is greater than we can think of. Gave us Holy Book to lead our lives accordingly. God is so………. kind and generous. The only one in this world I can believe in. Very true to be really mine. Listens to me when I call.

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  2. Wow! This is a very interesting piece of poetry.
    It is a true confusion!
    Are there many, or Are there none??
    I think we’ll not be assured, until we are really gone.

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