Your Design

Your design

The design

of the twine

led us

to your crime

The footprint

there below

showed us

where to go

Your fingerprint

on the door

the blood spatter

your hair

and more

The tooth marks

on her thigh

will direct us

to our guy

A hair that fell

out of your head

the semen

and sweat

on the bed

We can tell

you were there

by the print

of your ear

As you tried to hear

so much more,

lent against

the stained glass door

© Kait King, 2015

38 thoughts on “Your Design

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  2. I frigging love this❣️ I don’t know why we insist on only using “lovely” and “lavish” language in poetry. Poetry should reflect life, an observation you and only you are equipped to make. So if I didn’t already say it: I love it!

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    • Hmmm…. That is a very good question 🤔 I think it’s just my weird brain. There’s 2 sides, the dark – which is partly my wild imagination and partly my world experience /view. The other, poetic side is very sensitive and again partly world view etc and I think a strong sense of empathy, perhaps… 😊 What inspires you?

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    • AAhhh… I have The 3 Little Piggies which is a psycho thriller and also a poetry book called Supine Exsanguinations – both just recently released on Amazon. Writing a second poetry book – My see-through mind, another psycho thriller called god’s daughter and a third novel which is not the psycho thriller killer genre…..yet, anyway! 🙂

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