Sexy Siren

Sexy Siren

Sexy Siren


satin red

Your luxurious folds

fall over my head

Touching me

with the sagaciousness of a

man’s hand you rest

on my hips

The swing and

the sway

move like gloss covered lips

as I turn to walk away

A hand grabs me and

pulls me to bed

© Kait King, 2016


30 thoughts on “Sexy Siren

  1. What are you doing to me this cold and miserable Wednesday morning? Thinking of you doing naughty things was not on my radar yet now there you are with another siren falling into bed with her! Love you Kait and I hope it’s not just your imagination but that you have someone special to be intimate with xoxo 😍

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    • Hahaha! Thank you darling Dave 🙂 Yes, I am not left entirely up to my imagination! Although long distant it is all I am able to commit to with the troubles I face. I can’t be anyone’s full-time anything sadly…but that is ok as no pressure on me – so perfect! We see each other so rarely that we haven’t had an unpleasant moment together – it’s always like it’s the first time! (Oh and it will be 4yrs in October – one of the most trusting, calm and balanced relationships I’ve ever had – wish I’d figured this out years ago!!) 🙂 xoxo

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  2. Evocative as in a dream.Had a strange one last night of two strange women wearing red lingerie behaving in a very erotic and provocative manner.
    The strangest thing was I could actually see colour and had the sensation of touch,intimate flesh and fabric.

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