The Creation


I lie in the quiet

of the solid dark

A fractured individual

with a many fragmented heart

I don’t regret the past

but I struggle to see ahead

Life seems to race by way too fast

just to wind up dead

I try to stay well afloat

But here, I’m not the strongest swimmer

Life has me tight around the throat

and has moulded a grateful sinner

© Kait King, 2015

38 thoughts on “The Creation

  1. Kait, there is a part of me that feels angry that you can draw these feelings as you can. At the same time, I feel overwhelmed with love for you, because you are so very brave and strong. If I could become half the woman you are, my life is well lived. So much love to you, and thank you from every fiber of my soul for giving me a sun to feel warmth and comfort in. Your poem earlier today had me focused on smiling and loving all day, no matter what. I’m unsure what I’ll be doing tonight while the kids are with their dad, but please know that it will be an amazing night thanks to you, even if I just sleep 🙂 ❤

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    • I’m blown away, thank you for reading my words and letting them mean something for you. The Universe has a funny way of putting people into each others lives, and graciously I am humbled yet again. Peace, love and light shine on! You realise you are the great catalyst for making change in your family, how joyful is that!! 😁What an awesome mom!! X

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      • Thank you Kait, I love you so much!!! Love and light to you as well. I cannot tell you how much your words inspire me to keep going, keep digging, keep searching to find myself. You have become one of my biggest inspirations! If I can keep writing, even if it’s “crap” (I feel like it’s been lately) I believe I can find where I belong, my ground, the roots I need to keep rising. Your words have given me so much healing!

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