Quiet As A Mouse

I look into

your face

of Evil

You choke

me out


You carry

a kill pack

at all times

You may need

a knife

to slice

It takes

a certain

kind of person

to feel at

home in

a stranger’s


You creep


the sleeping


as quiet as

a mouse

Your glinting


catches the


from a night


in a little

boy’s room

You stand

and watch

him breathing

while hiding

in the


Kait King 2021

15 thoughts on “Quiet As A Mouse

    • It is isn’t it! And this happens a lot – sadly…. and NZ has some horrific violence/abuse stats in the western world. It’s a disgrace. And I’m tired of the head burying that has just perpetuated these crimes against the vulnerable, worldwide. Part of me wants to apologize for the affront and another part is grateful you read it and felt something…. thank you πŸ™πŸ™‚


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