Too much Too late Too soon

too soon,late

When it seems to me

that this is the end

you just keep coming back

to me, my friend

I say that word with a smirk

on my face

I can’t just be friends

and your shit’s at my place

you’ll look at me with

your shiny eyes

pull my heartstrings

like a baby’s cries

And it won’t matter

‘cos it’s all lies

Too much Too late Too soon

Β© Kait King, 2015

32 thoughts on “Too much Too late Too soon

    • Yes, it’s so very easy to look back with 20/20 and see that you knew, all the signs were there – I think it’s hope that keeps us in – and realisation that keeps us out! :)….My life is but a speck in time, not even a pinprick in our great universe!

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      • WHAT????
        OH KAIT…. surely you jest!!!!
        The Lemmings are blinded for days with just a glance at this super-nova, yet I am eclipsed when even in the same solar system as the Dwarven Giant Kait….
        Uhhhh, I think I misspelled SuperMan Nightlight.

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      • Well shouldn’t I be…. you seem to make it a habit of testing my super powers with that bat, Although now I find the butterflys really agitating….
        OK, mail time for sure

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      • πŸ˜€ hahaha! There’s s super something in everyone…and actually I’m really only 5ft 11 and three quarter inches – but I get tired of saying that, I use the Swedish rounding up system…;)

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      • hahahaha….
        You have a way at helping the doldrums pass.
        You know I have photographic memory, although I’m not so sure you know that you know that after starting this site, I had 2 of “My Children” start coming to visit, sometimes in the middle of the day(in the middle of a post), most times in the middle of the night…. and they stay, and of couse I can’t sleep then….
        I came back to work after 10:00pm and there Scotty was(first week of Nov. 2014), but it was just his name, where someone had used it in a search term, and had found my site last evening..
        Although I am fairly sure they are here now. FYI, Raashanai was just past the middle of Oct. 2014.
        They are mine because I would have adopted them.

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      • Oh my son has been battling heartbreak himself and it has been breaking my heart too! We love them with such completeness it is hard to watch them hurt – and then I think of all those young men out there who can’t go and talk to their mum or stay for a couple of days to get some hugs and mumness. I call them all of our children too btw – just saw a post where you do the same – they are our kids – all of them, we have a responsibility to them and to speak up for them – love what you and your team do Robert – thank you from all the families that don’t know that you’re making a difference for them πŸ™‚

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