Unvaxxed didn’t do enough….Seriously?!?!

I’m shocked, heartbroken and feel betrayed! I yelled as loud as I could at every protest. Was called everything under the sun  for saying the vaxx was poison. I lost friends and family, they turned their back on  me while I begged them to look at the research. I posted on every platform about the deception of our governments, the big pharma and corruption, elitists benefiting from our grief and pain. I know there were thousands of us yelling at the top of our voices, desperate to stop the madness. MSM shut us down and lied, social platforms restricted, banned us and lied, and the vaxxed themselves excluded us from their businesses, homes and families. They called us the river of filth, said we should die if we got covid, that we didn’t deserve medical care, a coffee, a haircut, to LIVE – for TWO FUCKING YEARS! Whoever wrote this is still blind, still asleep, still stupid. I know I’ve done and am doing my part and feel no guilt, just betrayal and disappointment.


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