Cataclysmically Incorrect

Cataclysmically incorrectjpg

If I win

I will have won this

fair and square

If I lose

I will have lost this

and won’t have to care

about you

or your new girlfriend

If I’m wrong

I will be cataclysmically incorrect

I will owe on every bet

and beg you to forget her

and her endless bank account

legs and youth

If you could just be brave

and tell the truth

But I see you squirming

awkward in your plush car seat

I can see the worm –

it’s turning

Now it’s with me

you cheat…

Β© Kait King, 2015


42 thoughts on “Cataclysmically Incorrect

  1. As always, dark subject matter handled beautifully. Just one question though Kait, if he cheated on you why would you want to keep him? If he (or she) did it once it proves they gave into temptation, but if they do it more than once then they care nothing for you. Kick them out, have the pain of loss but move on. You know I love you Kait and will never cheat on you xoxo

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