driven cat

“When you’re driven – you get places.”

Β© Kait King, 2015


36 thoughts on “When

  1. Very Good Kait, as always.
    Kait, I am about to do an editorial before I run a post about a Law Enforcement Officer losing his life to a young man whose whole family was very scared of him, but don’t quote me yet, I am about to read the article now.
    If you feel up to it, at some point please try to read my thoughts on the subject. This kind of thing is affecting Our Children and I can’t hold back any longer(I think). But if I don’t get too far out of line, I’d like your thoughts(Only if you wish to).
    I hope and pray all is well with you and your “Family”,

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    • Absolutely Robert, I would be more than happy to “review” any work πŸ™‚ These things are so important I am happy to make time and honoured to be considered – thank you! πŸ™‚

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      • Kait, you are very welcome!!!!
        The post is “Total Cost: 1 Role Model and 1 No-Class Thug”.
        Kait, I haven’t re-read my editorial, But I had a GREAT editorial in mind…. the problem was, this thing hit me really hard, and I got a real bad case of the blues. If that wasn’t bad enough, a Family that is like Family to me and Frank had a death. Kait, they are a big part of my Team, but it wasn’t one of the Team. We have only met 2 Brothers in our whole life that was maybe as close as me and Frank…. The Twins were younger than my Boys, there is only one here now, and it has not gotten any better, we are just slipping further into the blues, and it’s no different with the Family Kate, they are GOOD PEOPLE.
        If you wonder, we wouyldn’t let them join us, but was going to in time, the Uncle, “R” is the only one that stands with me and Frank.
        But I would appreciate you checking this out, it is about the sense;ess killing of Officer Hofer, a GOOD MAN.

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      • Thank You Kait, as I said, I don’t think I posted my complete thought.
        Responsibility for one’s own actions is something a whole lot of adults need to learn. Our Children mimic what they see, and they sure don’t realize that violence quickly cuts away the vail of innocence we are born with.

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      • That is very true. I believe we need to teach mores and values at school – to the five year olds, obviously they are not being given these strengths and tools to deal with choices and stuff in life by their family…knowing that for every action there is a reaction and a consequence – we have to start again, somewhere…

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