Just take more drugs…

Just Take More Drugs

Pain eats you up

it gnaws on my


frazzled nerves

Pain is a game

I play against

my self,

my will,

my mind

Pain wears me down

it sucks away at my


my soul,

my life

Β© Kait King, 2015


61 thoughts on “Just take more drugs…

  1. Pain is a game I play against and win.
    Come at me/for me. Visit my dreams, popup in my daydream and I will not be defeated, at least not without a fight.

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  2. Very few people with a drug addiction do the things you do . Guilt may have convinced you otherwise. However, if you think you have a drug problem, get off now. No one says you have hit a bottom. AA saved my life. Been there, done that.

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  3. I’m not sure if my comment went through! I read your comment above about what you have been though. You are amazing! Maybe a silly question but have you tried cannabis for the pain?

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  4. Kait, another wonderful poem, giving us a little glimpse inside. If you don’t write you suffer, if you do write you suffer. The pain never leaves, although the drugs help they zombify you. Wishing you a pain free season, enjoy the warm weather and sunshine. Thinking of you more this time of year and hoping you can find that place between pain and pleasure more often in the days ahead xoxo

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  5. Pain is at the very least proof that we are alive. I have felt such pain through loss and hold on to it for it is the only thing I have left. However pain that we suffer in our body is something I would wish on anyone. So stay strong my friend and I wish you better days. I shall recite mantras and prayers of healing for you.

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  6. From what I have read, kait. . You’re a strong woman! And I know it’s difficult. You might get feeling every once in a while that you might just lose it. But I know you won’t! Write it out! You’re damn good at It trust me. Lot of love and take care ❀

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    • I wish it were that easy Sulaiman, thank you for your words – unfortunately I am in a situation of constant chronic pain due to nerve damage and failed surgeries. I hate taking the medication they give me – I have fought for many years to beat my pain, succeeded but had to have surgery 16 years later that also caused nerve damage and triggered old damage as well – I have been on and off some horrific medications – I believe I would be able to give up anything. I have already succeeded at 120mg methadone a day, morphine, fentanyl, and then all your crap codeine, tramadol, gabapentin etc – eaten it all, hate it all, fight it all but am in agony alot of the time – I am trying to find a happy medium as I need clarity to write so I have my gap times that I can write frantically! πŸ™‚ I lived with pain for almost 18yrs – they told me I would be an invalid back then but I refused. I went to uni and got my degree in criminology, I worked in my dream job and lost it all because of some crap mistake in a surgery. But that’s life – maybe writing is my dream job – maybe what has happened to me is just a dream, maybe I can dream I am perfect…but on drugs you just get zombified and I hate it! 😦

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      • Wow that’s really touching and poignant. I can’t empathize with you, but I am trying to sympathize. Remember, everyone in this life is dealt a different hand, not important what kind of hand.
        It’s what you do with that hand that matters. Remember, this world is temporary, we should all just try to do good and leave a positive impact on people before we move on.

        I hope you find clarity in your life, I’ll pray for you.

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      • Blessings to you dude, I am re-inventing myself yet again lol πŸ™‚ as a writer/author – sometimes the universe has a funny way of showing you what IT has planned for you and not vice-versa! πŸ™‚ I thought my way of helping the world was helping the vulnerable, the voiceless – and maybe I can do that – it’s just a different platform I guess πŸ™‚ And yeah, I just can’t give up and do nothing, be a vegetable, roll over and die basically πŸ™‚ so here I am ranting and raving – something I have never done even though I’ve written my whole life. You have a charming and most beautiful spirit Sully – wise πŸ™‚ thank you for your words and prayers – blessings to you and yours πŸ™‚

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      • Yes, there are so many amazing qualities being discovered in cannabis… Truly amazing. Sadly it is still illegal here in New Zealand but there is hope and support for change πŸ™‚

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