The Somnambulant

I don’t believe I am alone in thinking this – that some have buried their heads in the sand and choose not to face the demons. I do believe we need to stop sleep-walking and start uniting. Unity is the only way we are going to move forward.

It seems to me, that the majority of the governments and their media monsters, are corrupt and need to be removed. Completely restructured – no person awake to what is really going on is going to want to leave any of those governmental people in place – I’m sure!

Now, I’m talking globally above and I come from New Zealand, so looking a little closer at NZ ’cause it’s what I know and what I’m living right now.

It’s been flabbergasting, our poor country has been literally burned to the ground by our finally, thank Dog, soon to be ex-prime minister, Jacinda Ardern. No one in the history of this country has so divided its people, twisted the law of man and land, lied about so many unfinished – never intended projects, decimated the economy, separated friends and families under mandates, stolen final moments for loved ones, lockdowns causing unprecedented suicides, joblessness, mortgagee sales – it is just endless.

The filthy World Economic Forum baby, Jacinda, steps down officially tomorrow – the 7th of February 2023. I’d love to cheer and celebrate. But her clodhopper flat heels have been filled by the so quaintly coined, by the incredible comedy journo Derty Sesh, “Chris Bitchkins” – the PM’s understudy, Hipkins. He and Jacinda go way back. University days back. WEF Young Global darlings days back…

So nothing has changed. The parties haven’t changed. The bullshit being spun hasn’t changed. The childish squabbling, the virtue signaling, the Elite, the lies – none of this is what I want to carry on with. Heading towards 15 or 20 minute cities, social credit scores, lockdowns, bugs for food, natural vitamins and remedies restricted, mandates and more slavery. Assigning slavery to our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren and so on.

I know my ancestors blood wasn’t spilled in vain when they fought for freedom, for my freedom. I will not just hand that freedom over to be even further enslaved or controlled altogether.

Ultimately there are more of us than them….


7 thoughts on “The Somnambulant

      • Much of the same for many people in the United States and in the Central American countries from what I am hearing. All over the world. You are absolutely right about taking back control. I have been reprogramming myself and my daughter with a network called 4biddenknowledge. Not trying to sell anyone on anything. I am just expressing how this network has been helping me see what you are both saying “no one is going to save us…we have to save ourselves” Thank you for your post.

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