Choose to Lose

cheating man

Oh what to do

when someone

cheats on you

Oh what to say

that even though –

you want them to stay

And how do you choose

how you want to lose –

you know he knows

he’s won –

and he’s already started

and nowhere



Β© Kait King, 2016


39 thoughts on “Choose to Lose

  1. I don’t know if the wisdom to deal will this only comes with age or what?. I noticed that some people cement themselves in people’s lives for a while and do things like this often because they know the other person will either be thinking about the years invested, the children and the comfort they have felt for so long. I love your short posts!!!!!


  2. I always look forward to your next post! Sometimes I wish they were longer so that I would spend more time reading them LOL
    I love your words and thoughts.
    Thank you so much for sharing

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  3. Thank you once again my dear friend, it’s never easy to forgive but if you want to make things better you have to forgive then learn to forget, or kick them out and move on. Clinging to the past will leave you there to fester until you are so rotten inside you can only hurt those you say you love. Hope your weather hasn’t deteriorated yet, ours improved slightly although still cold the sun put in an appearance xoxo

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  4. I saw this almost six months ago, she admitted to it. It took some time to process, but she fully admitted to stopping herself from letting him get too far. She cut him off and when she’d confessed everything…I forgave her. It was a very rough time for us during the time of this poor judgement on her part. Had it not been for my FAITH and LOVE for her, it would’ve turned out differently. Thankfully, this has brought us closer and not created a rift between us.

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    • That is really good to hear – all power to you man, it is not easy to move away from something that hurts while you hold the hand of the hurter! I commend you on your character and strength πŸ™‚ thank you for writing this


      • Of course, and thank you for your writing as well. I’ve been hurt before, nearly ten years ago by another woman, before my wife. I let her go because of rumors of cheating on me and her inability to tell me the truth. Until recently have I since reconnected with her as a friend. Both of us now have families and are different people now. But somewhere in my thoughts, I went over in my head if I’d been wrong to push her away, never knowing the truth. Who knows…the truth hurts and sometimes it sets you free. Dwelling on the past keeps us there, but moving on makes someone better. Sometimes forgiveness is worth it, this time I made the right choice. Not because of regret from the past but from my heart…truly.

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