Something or Something Else but never Everything

something and something else never everything

I’ve often wondered why just about everything we discuss has to be blah blah blah OR blah blah blah… Why can’t it be both? Why is it not possible that these things are symbiotic? Co-morbid? Dual catalysts? I listen to people discuss the big question of how we got here. The options, in this conversation, may I be so polite, are:

  1. We are created by God
  2. We are from an alien planet and arrived on a rock from outer space
  3. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Okay, so everybody’s got a point and nobody has the answer so there is some validity of possibility in each perspective. Especially if you consider the human to be made up of physical, mental and spiritual capacities and needs, which I do. And in this debate there is even more than two sides to contemplate. So each individual has solid, understandable reasons – well within reason, and are glued to the ground on what those reasons are and why. The discussion becomes what people like to call “heated”. I, totally unlike my robust debatable self, still did not get involved. I could hear the rising of offensiveness from each party as the others poo-poo’ed each others perspectives and theories. It wasn’t going to end well, nobody likes to be poo-poo’ed.

After the hoo-ha and everyone had left, my man and I plonked ourselves in front of the television, grateful for the calm noise and not the hysterical noise. Everyone would get over it but it was always the same with the topic of how we got here, not just with people I knew, but many will argue these points to the enth degree, with really, no real evidence to be honest.

So for me, I decided that being only human, I really knew sweet F.A and to tie it up nicely in my head, I just gather all of that info and think that maybe we were created by some super entity as a 3rd rock, as a planet within a universe. But that was all, then one of the stars in that universe, with life in it, crashed into this 3rd rock and was the prime delight to allow things to flourish and grow, and so it did. And things did evolve and become this amazing exotic world we are fortunate enough to live on now.

Why can’t everyone be right? They can be right somewhere in a time continuum of the human development and creation. They just all need to put their stories together. But like I say, nobody has the answers, and maybe we don’t even find out a bloody thing when we die and still know jack-shit (a good friend of mine)…

The other thing people tend to do this with is my favorite topic – serial killers. For some inane reason we have to ask whether it is nature OR nurture….it’s both for dog’s sake. If you could take a serial killer as a baby and nurture him in a certain way you will either bring out or highlight the best or the worst of that character. What I think we need to realize is that this is a possibility for every child as again, everybody has the capacity to kill, it just depends on how that is brought out in you. For some people, all that has to happen for them to pull out a gun and kill someone, is an insult outside of a bar. For others (myself included) I would have to be in a situation where my life or the life of someone was threatened and they were being hurt. Then I become the killer. We all sit somewhere on that continuum and depending on how we are treated is how we will react. But at the end of the day, intention, mens rea, is everything. So for me it is both, not one or the other in this instance too. I’ve been finding out in my life that things are not always black and white. Human beings are complex, emotional beings with such a variety of combinations of everything that it is impossible to label or put people in boxes. It just doesn’t work like that.

But I must stop rambling now – I have so much I could scribble about – but I will not bore you with my ranting and raving. I put my soapbox away…;) thanks for reading though, if you got through it!

17 thoughts on “Something or Something Else but never Everything

  1. I really enjoyed giving this a read. You really do explain it all perfectly. Honestly if you did keep on going, I would still keep reading.

    The way you described us crashing into the 3rd rock made me think of the movie evolution. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you check it out – I also got the theme song for 3rd rock from the sun in my head and now I can imagine John Lithgow crashing down to earth in their convertible. – silly, silly brain. Anyways I too believe in the same sense. We have evolved, and I feel like there is tons of scientific facts and evidence to support that theory. I’m definitely not what many would call a religious person in any stance, but hey that’s just me. I do me, you do you. It’s just annoying when people try to correct you, like they have all the answers. Neither do I, but I am not going to shove my own beliefs down your throat if you don’t share them the same as me.

    And yes, serial killer’s are just so fascinating. I enjoy morbid stuff, and love gory movies, and anything with that dark premises. I am not crazy myself. I won’t hurt anyone or kill anyone – who knows though, mess with my kid or my family and bad things may happen. I just find myself so interested, and it’s to the point someone might think of me as a sociopath myself.

    Its great that you are realizing that grey area. There are many people too naive or to cynical to see that. I myself am a bit of a cynic, but not everything is black or bad. I just understand perfection is nothing but a pipedream. We all have our flaws, but because of that I don’t trust as easily. I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist, and know that many people DO, do stuff for that ulterior motive – humans are just naturally a little selfish from time to time. Anyways thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    • Wow! Thank you for such an in depth comment, I love it!😁 Firstly, no, I haven’t seen the movie Evolution but I will have to check it out, thanks for the referral. Yes, I think it’s time we evolve spiritually as well as in every other way. Archaic practices will keep us in the dark. I’ve been looking into RSA, Ritual Satanic Abuse, and have believed what’s been happening for decades, for decades but no one wanted to hear it. But it seems there is an amazing awakening around the world where the things we used to tolerate are just not acceptable now, can’t be paid off, hidden or ignored anymore. This, here and now is definitely evolutionary and I think strangely enough we may have Covid to thank for that by putting bums in seats.
      Shoving anything down anyone’s throat seems to make them reject it even more. The Church put the “fear of god” in people to control them which most followed like sheep! I think we all have a little crazy in us. But I think humans are the worst virus of all. The things they do to each other and everything else they come across is only adding to our destruction as a civilization. Whew! Sorry for the disjointed ramblings! And thank you for reading and the great comment and compliment, thank you!πŸ™πŸ™‚βœŒπŸŒ»

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  2. Awesome πŸ‘
    Just Being Human is so beautiful.
    And yes it isn’t possible to exist as pure white or black. We are all shades of grey.
    The problem is that we are trying to define creation or God with our minds, which are so limited.
    Why am I here? has been a very important question for me : you could read my post 3 Vital Question.
    And it was my thoughts and questions about the universe and the littleness or nothingness of This Rock 3πŸ˜‚ that led me to spirituality.
    This NOW is the Only Reality.

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  3. I find serial killers fascinating also. They have antisocial personality disorder. That’s something they’re born with like a birth defect. It’s not considered a mental illness and can not be cured. The signs show up early in life. Some professionals think the behavior can be moderated. I’m not one of those people. It’s not used in court as a defense. It’s rare. Thank God. They have to be separated from society by whatever means. I could ramble on too. I’ll stop.

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