We love you Mum

we love you mum

We love you Mum

And we have to say

It’s not fair you only get one day

When every second of every minute

We thank the Universe for putting you in it

There are not enough words

In any language spoken

All we have is a small token

Of our love to give

Reflected in the life we live

We’d tell you every single day

How much we love you in every way

Without you, we’d be nothing

Without your love, we’d not survive

Without your grace, care and kindness

We’d be born another child

So we thank you Mum

We are grateful for who we are

The equal sum of you and Dad

Have made us who we are

© Kait King, 2015


26 thoughts on “We love you Mum

  1. WOW – wonderful words and so very true. Sending love and good forces to you both.
    You really know how to say what needs to be said. Very cleaver and very loving and caring. XXx

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  2. 😊 kait you read my mind! I am my mothers daughter. I have made mistakes as she. I’ve hurt her with my words and vice versa, but just this morning I realized that my parents both love me. And I was actually able to own up to my side of wrongs – my own struggles with alcoholism and eating disorders. It felt so freeing to be truthful, but also honoring that my parents made me me. I love them and I know they love me. I love my mom so much. She’s my first hero. She taught me music as I teach my kids. We have our faults, but love doesn’t go away. ❤️


    • Oh I love my mum, and my dad… He has wandered over to the other side now but he was awesome too. My poor mum’s a bit lost without him after 61 years of marriage. I know he’s around and so much better off where he is as he was 85 and in so much pain. We have it so much easier in the sense of technology with washing machines and plastic nappies etc. She had 4 children, 3 under the age of 3 at one stage…. Phenomenal really! A Celebration of Woman is what I need to start up I think! 🙂

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