My Uncensored Friendship With Words

Uncensored friendship by vector_spider_web_design_background_graphics_544178

It’s like

an unsticky web

how things

fall into my


Nothing ever

really gets

filtered out

Thoughts are

thrown at me

in a shout

Yeah, it is

pretty clear

something’s going

on here

Each inky

black thought


immeasurable doubt

It even surprises


with the words

that I spout

Who wrote

those things?

Evil awful


Friends ask

Where on Earth

did you find

this out?

Why would

you write such

horrid things?

It gives pause

for thought

and doubt

Β© Kait King, 2016


50 thoughts on “My Uncensored Friendship With Words

  1. I can’t say
    My thoughts loud
    Screaming mind
    My crying Soul
    My Frozen heart
    Bleeding Wounds
    Words Smell Night
    And Light of Moon
    Screening my Mind
    Messy And howls
    Like a Wolf on a Far off Land
    Saying it’s Heart Loud

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  2. Interesting post; all those thoughts. I think it’s the law enforcement energetics, having spent 14 years in that world myself. We just don’t have the same thoughts as the rest of the universe πŸ˜‰

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  3. I have found it amazing how many don’t appreciate my blurting of words. Some of them just can’t accept it when we speak the truth with the words we spout. Keep spouting them Kait… So many of us love it when you give us pause for thought and doubt.

    I hope many beautiful moments crawl through that unsticky web…

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  4. Stay true to yourself and you will inspire, intrigue and capture all those followers. Don’t let the minority dissenters become the driver for questioning your approach. You are an excellent writer – stay with it!

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