The words that fall off your fingers

as you tip tap text

to me

are untrue, hurtful

and dangerous

You’re acting like

a bully

I don’t want to do that

but you threaten

me with this

You lied and said I fucked him

when it was just a kiss

Why are you so

mean to me

What makes it ok

that you and

your so-called friends

hang me

and then

watch me sway

I couldn’t find anyone

I felt I could talk to

See everyone thought

it was true

But now I’m not here

any more –

I hope that’s better

for you…

Β© Kait King, 2015

36 thoughts on “Bully

  1. It broke my heart as I read this powerful insight poem.

    I know what if feels like to be bullied. I was a victim of Bullying and it has cause me to have PTSD. I don’t take any medication, my writing itself is the only medication I need to not think of what was done to me in the past.

    I hate bullies and I don’t know why they even exist to begin with.
    However, the parents I blame for their upbringing. Still, it hurts for me to know how many people in this world is suffering in the hands of evil bullies.

    If I was Superman…I would defend everyone from bullies and evil.

    Powerful poem.

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    • Oh I’m so sorry you had to go through that!! It is such a damaging scar. Often times those bullied become the bullies. As long as you haven’t succumbed you’re a hero anyway 😊


  2. Kait, I love your insight and, as always, you’re spot on. Would the bullies even care that their words had forced you to take your own life? Probably not and that is the real shame behind your poem. We should have a safe place where we can go to escape bullying, somewhere we can be alone with people who understand and can support us. I hope this isn’t coming from a wound so fresh and deep you are contemplating taking a life? You have friends and you are not alone! We will always be there for you no matter what life throws at you. The kiss was never a prelude to sex, kissing just shows affection between two people. The affection is what you share with others, I won’t say it definitely won’t lead to sex but that depends on both parties wanting that conclusion. Passion shared is good but passion unreciprocated is rape xoxo

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  3. I love this, it inspired me to write some heartfelt “best wishes” letters to people that contributed to something that can be described as bullying.
    It’s hard to respond to collective efforts because revealing the truth and proving yourself can hurt people that are possibly innocent. It’s weird how the biggest insults are the ones completely untrue and when you trace it back to the source it’s someone who you never knew had a problem with you and was never even a friend, let alone an enemy. Is there a reason or was it just a fun thing to do with little risk of getting caught?! (after all, I would have never suspected)

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    • That’s awful – but yeah, for some reason “strangers” or the outliers who are not really connected, do seem to do this! I think that some people do find this kind of torture and bullying satisfying. It fulfils some strange vacuum in them. When you think about hackers who set up viruses to corrupt 100 000’s of peoples computers that they will never see or know when it happened to them or anything – it’s so remote and so strange to want to do something to anyone, let alone someone who is just a number – for what reason? It’s a weird thing…hope you have got stuff sorted now? Sorry you’ve had to deal with all of that! 😦

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      • Oh, I’m fine with just being a hacker’s random target. I’m not okay with secrets and past transgressions being complied together by a group of people from my past. When your long time best friend shares information with an Ex boyfriend who pretends to be motivated by cheating that didn’t happen and they combine all your insecurities and outdated mistakes with people that don’t even know you but contribute anyway because hey, “she looks like a bitch” you get a unfair portrayal and you are left to wonder why people that you never harmed would get joy out of painting you as something so much worse than the person that walked away and truly wished good things for them.

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      • I feel you big time X I can only say, don’t change, keep being you – the kind, generous you – yes you may get kicked in the teeth like this, and yes, it may happen again, or something different. But at the end of the day, your integrity, who you are, is who you need to keep true. There is no other way for someone with a heart like yours – just keep walking through. It will change and it will eventually use up less space in your head. Just stay true to you and you can’t go wrong. You will get hurt but you will be true to yourself and what you represent. That takes strength – all power to you to rise above this

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      • That you very much:)
        Kindest thing I’ve ever read online that was actually written to me. I usually just pretend when it’s really sweet and uplifting. Projecting or something I think it’s called. A sign or arrogance or narcissism – both ruled out. lol JK

        Have a lovely night:)

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