Equal but Different – Let’s Celebrate!

Equality lets celebrate

I believe we are stumbling blindly into an inferno of uncontrolled hedonistic violence and sex. There is no argument that sex and violence are two of the most basic instincts in a human, particularly a male as he is the protector and the pro-creator; or that these two basic reptilian responses have been a part of human nature since the beginning of time.

What I find concerning is the lack of the repulsion response to violence or unnatural/violent sex. Research indicates that women, or young girls, are not only joining gangs and becoming more violent in their everyday life, but also are committing suicide in more violent ways. If we look back in time, women are the carers, the nurturers, the collectors and gatherers. Women were seen as mysterious as they bled and didn’t die and could give birth to another human being. An amazing, necessary and painful responsibility, but one that sets us apart as women and the carers of the next generation. I think we have lost track of that view. Is it because of Women’s Liberation? I don’t think it is because of that, but perhaps a catalyst after so many years of denial and oppression for women that they just went crazy and like most things they snowball into something unmanageable or inexplicable. Women needed to create their own freedom, this was a necessary journey but now we need another hero to pull us back to reality, balance and a normality.

So back to the violence factor. Women used to gas themselves or take pills to commit suicide. Men were the ones who used guns and ropes to do the same. Back in the 1970’s more and more suicides committed by women were found to be with razors, they would slit their wrists. Then they started shooting themselves and hanging too. Women were deemed to see suicide as a way of going to sleep and to look as “peaceful” as possible. They didn’t want their faces blown apart or a mess everywhere – that typical female response seems to be fading as we move forward, women seem to want to be seen as violent, angry, retaliatory and don’t fuck with me individuals. As tough as a man, as strong as, capable as etc. And there is no reason we can’t be. We are all on different levels of ability – what we shouldn’t be doing is denying that ability. We should celebrate our individuality, our gender responsibilities, our strong points – no matter what. But it doesn’t mean we aren’t equal in the ability to be human – we just have different EQUAL roles in the responsibility of the Universe, our lives, our people, children, plants and animals – all Earthlings have a reason to be here. All Earthlings have a role in the world, some of us know this role and others of us struggle to find our purpose. But what our purpose is not, is to degrade, belittle or detract others from their journey.

I’ve watched Jack Ass and I wonder what influence that may have had on today’s young kids. When we were growing up, if we saw someone (young or old) fall over or hurt themselves or if they failed at something like a driver’s licence or baking a cake – we didn’t laugh and point at them and shout “Loser”. We sat down with them, put an arm around their shoulders and told them that they would be all right and be able to do this again. We would help them, pick them up, dust them off and push them forward again, not nail spikes of spite into their very soul to keep them pinned to the lowest low.

So I wonder what has happened to us all. I look rather sadly around me when I see more and more women with guns standing next to a Giraffe, Elephant or Lion they “hunted” with an AK47 and I’m ashamed. Children and babies burnt, tortured,starved, ignored and suffering, our elderly abused and forgotten to rot in unacceptable conditions, animals tortured and used for sick individual’s pleasure. But most disturbing of all is that it is a woman at the end of those appalling acts, more and more.

So I beg of us all as women to take back what is ours, our mystery, our caring, our nurturing and saving of the world. We are women, our power lies in our ability to calm, talk, bring peace, negotiate and love. Please help me bring our job-description back into the light, it’s who we are, it’s what we were made to do – I don’t want to fall into the hole of what everyone else is doing or hardening up for – if we do this we will crack and fall into a squidzillion pieces never to be a whole again. Am I living in hope of a Utopia? Please say it isn’t so….

Β© Kait King, 2015

44 thoughts on “Equal but Different – Let’s Celebrate!

  1. I grew up watching “Jackass” and various shows of the same ilk at a very young age. I try not to find humor in such things anymore, as it feels shameful to regard something that is masochistic as funny. The kids whose parents censored their growth ended up better off, and they became the well-functioning young adults of today. I found this to be an enlightening. Thanks for the read.

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    • Thank you for taking the time to read this!πŸ™πŸ™‚ It’s hard to make people care about each other if we don’t care about ourselves….I keep hoping for a kinder society in the world, but either they or I, are missing something. But I keep hopingπŸ™‚πŸŒ»

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  2. This honestly explains the animalistic nature of Today’s Men. To be honest, they have been treating women like this for a very long time. It is totally wrong to do something terrible like that to them. They are here for you in the form of a mother and a sister. Why hurt them this way?
    I would really appreciate sharing my article about the theories I’ve done research on.

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  3. That’s so rightly brought out by you Kait. Why are we fighting that we are the same? When two people are not the same then how can two genders be the same? The fight rightly so, should have been for equal rights in unequivocal terms.

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  4. I couldn’t agree with this more. In every way, I was the “man” in my marriage. Breadwinner, workaholic, provider, motivated, driven, aggressive. I am also the woman. It is exhausting to be both and I hated it. It’s, in a sense, easier to be a single mom in that, I have to be both, but there’s one less human to care for. The sad part is, though, I thought I was doing the right thing. Empowering myself. Showing what I can do, etc. in reality, I was miserable and overstretched.

    I don’t want that amount of strain on me ever again. My husband was miserable too. I didn’t respect him nor did I see him as equal. I have felt very anti feminist and women’s lib in the sense that “awesome!!! I fought for my education. Career. And now I get to do it all PLUS take care of the house, kids, and get judged for not doing xyz” at some point I would love to scream “I AM HUMAN!!!!!!!” Playing superwoman has almost killed me for the last 10 years. Being a single mom of three kids is beyond overwhelming and exhausting. I will not ever again act like I can do everything. I can’t. Frankly, I won’t. This past month, as I’ve struggled with my mental health, all I wanted was someone to take care of me for once.

    I know it takes a strong man to love a strong woman and I know I’m strong, but damn. I’m tired of pretending. And yes, id love to have a door held for me. I’d love to get flowers. I’m a tomboy for sure, metal head, tshirts, tattoos, so I guess most don’t know how to take me hahahaha 😊

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  5. There also wasn’t all this “gender-identity-confusion” either. Men were men, and women were women. Men wore the pants, and women wore the skirts and dresses, and neither thought that they should dress like the opposite-sex.

    I know, and greatly-admire a lady who has young twin-boys, who quit the job she had had for many years because they quit allowing her the work-schedule-flexibility she needed so that she could be home with her boys when her husband was working. Her husband is a career-firefighter who works 24 hours on/48 hours off, and they were tired of having to put their boys in day-care when grandma wasn’t available to watch them. She took another job which offered her BETTER pay AND a flexible work-schedule. Talk about a WIN-WIN situation!

    I also know some families with “stay-at-home” moms who home-school their kids, and the kids are NOT getting a “second-rate” education. Two of one couples older kids are now college-graduates. Yes, moms ARE important!

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    • Oh yes and how things have changed! I blame women’s lib for the deflection of men off their manly course – I truly think men of 30 + years old have been role confused, not role reversed. Men don’t know whether to hold a door open for a woman or let her open her own door…very confusing! Besides women have all these contraptions to trick the eye into believing it is getting something that it is not! πŸ˜‰ And those who were once men and now women….major navigation issues in this crazy world for the poor male! And yes mums, moms and dads are necessary to make a baby because they are necessary to guide that earthling to the right values and life πŸ™‚

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  6. I have seen a LOT of changes during my 60+ years of life, and very few of them have been good. Being a wife and mother has gone from being a revered-occupation to being openly-derided. When I was growing up, there were far more “stay-at-home” moms than “career-women”, and most of the “career-women” were nurses or teachers. My mom did work some outside our home when I was younger, but I was never a “latch-key-kid”. I spent more time with mom or dad than I did with anyone else.

    By the time my wife and I started our family in 1981, there was already a LOT of pressure on women to take careers outside the home. If a couple wanted to “get-ahead”, they HAD to have two incomes. That was also the era that spawned the term “DINK”, for “Double-income, no kids”. They had the fancy houses and drove the nice cars.

    Yes, we “did-without” in some ways, but I was determined to make sure that my wife DIDN’T have to work outside our home, which she never had to do. We DIDN’T dress our kids in the “latest-fashions”, and in fact most of their clothes when they were young came from “pass-arounds” and thrift-stores. We had several friends who were also having families during that time, so we just passed clothes around to each other. About the only thing “new” they got was shoes. She did supplement our income from time to time by doing childcare in our home. My wife also helped start the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) chapter in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which was a support-group for stay-at-home mothers of small children. Our kids were also raised with OUR values and moral-standards, rather than getting them from outsiders.

    My wife’s baby-sister was the first woman in her family to become a “career-woman” before she became a wife and mother, but she kept working anyway because there were other family-members in the community to watch their daughter. Because their daughter came later in life, and they had two good incomes, she got everything she wanted, so she was a SPOILED-BRAT.

    That said, until being a “stay-at-home-mom” is returned to being a “revered-occupation”, our society is going to continue its downward-spiral into “hell-on-earth”. Men need to “man-up” to being REAL MEN, and we need to let women be REAL WOMEN. Our roles ARE different, and there are very good reasons we were created this way. Maybe God knows more than we give Him credit for.


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    • Oh yes, I have seen that happen a lot! Although I think if the parents are smart guides, no matter how much money,they will instill the correct values in their kids. Unfortunately society is so torn down from the “origins” of family there are no structures like that in place any more. I sadly think that being a mother has never been revered, perhaps pregnancy and giving birth but not the actual role of mum. The outsiders that have been influencing our kids are the media – teachers aren’t even allowed to hug a kid that’s hurting anymore, so what are they really teaching?… It is a hugely involved subject and I think I may have to write a little more on it πŸ™‚ Blessings to you and yours and thank you so much for the awesome input! πŸ™‚

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  7. Kait, all societies, i.e. races, have never been the same. Women have always been treated as less than a man in almost all races with the exception of a very minute few
    My people, The Uncivilized, The Snake People, The Ones That Did Not Return, The Comanche are one of the very few, and there are only 3 or 4 others like us and accepted by us as Friends and possible distant Family.
    Our Women have always been Our equal, although job descriptions were usually different under normal conditions. The one thing unchanged since the beginning of time is that women are not allowed near a warrior, and must never touch a man when bleeding.
    Note that NO woman is allowed to touch a Holy Man except to whom he belongs.at any time.
    As far as suicide, these idiots believe they die instantly, and are doing something acceptable by making someone feel guilty.
    However, how much do they care for anyone???? NONE AT ALL!!!!
    Anyone considering suicide, I CHALLENGE YOU, go to a slaughter house and spend a month, going everyday, and stay until all kills are made and all meat is dressed out. You will KNOW that even with humane killing, all life does not end instantly.
    How do I know this???? From the time I was a very young boy I spent years beside my Comanche Grandmother in a packing house, on the killing floor. The smell of blood has never been dulled by the many years that has passed, and I know one thing, Blood is the GOD particle or a very large part.
    What these people have never learned, or have forgotten is that man is a social animal. Children need to be taught that adults are supposed to be RESPONSIBLE for their own actions, since apparently a very large percentage of people on this earth today never learned this value.
    As always, this was very good and to the point,

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    • Thanks Robert, that was awesome πŸ™‚ And yes I agree, we as adults must be responsible, it’s part of the duty of parenting. In NZ here, if parents don’t teach their children, we end up with a lot of lost and lonely, angry and depressed, confused and suicidal baby-makers running around and then two broken people find solace in each other and whaddaya know ….suddenly there’s a child, so two broken people try to bring up a child – what hope has he/she got anyway? And the cycle continues – the least we can do is try to teach some sort of values to our little kids in school – while they are still malleable and can understand that at home it is one way but at school and in the rest of their life, they can make a choice to either continue or break the negative cycle. But at least know that it is not the norm and that there is another way, but if we don’t talk about it – nothing will change, same thing about suicide too. That’s my opinion anyway lol πŸ™‚ Thanks Robert πŸ™‚ Take care!

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  8. We have all lost something along the way to here. That shows itself so often when we look at this century we now find ourselves in. Hatred is spreading faster than ever, women are joining up with evil cowards and helping to orchestrate, or even carry out, despicable acts. We need to unite and shout enough, war is never a solution but sometimes it’s necessary. These cowards should wear uniforms but don’t because they’re frightened and want us to be suspicious of all Muslims. We can’t allow them to win and remove the freedom we won so hard in 1945. A united front is needed now, Love can win over hate any day of the week. We need to remember not every Muslim is a terrorist even in these days where every terrorist claims to be Muslim.

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  9. The brutal truth! I believe that as women fighting for equality and always pushing for that little bit more, the lines have became blurred and some of us are doing it all wrong and doing an injustice to what it means to be a woman. We can be equal to a man but that does not mean taking on the masculine charateristics/ behaviours. Men as a result are losing sight of their roles of the proivder and protector. Maybes we’re going for a complete role reversal across the globe and changing history. Goodness knows what this means for humanity.

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    • Thank you very much for your kind offer but as an author and poet I write all of my own stuff – this is a blog purely for my own work πŸ™‚ Thanks again and I’m sorry I’m unable to take you up on this at this time! πŸ™‚ Best of luck in your venture!

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