Avoidance = Safe


I’ve been loved

by someone

When I wanted

to be free

And I’ve loved someone


When clearly

they didn’t

love me

I couldn’t find

a balance

I felt all men

would just hurt me

I made a choice

very purposefully

And I withdrew

from family, friends and society


I finally could see clearly

the common denominator

in my failed relationships

was me

Β© Kait King, 2016


38 thoughts on “Avoidance = Safe

    • Oh I know what you mean!! I have had to make a concerted effort to actually go out at times! Hang in there, a frog awaits, I’m sure lol ( sorry, I reckon you have to kiss a lot of toads just to find a frog 🐸 😁)

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  2. Avoidance may well = safe but why avoid the chance of happiness? Safe will leave you lonely (you can be lonely in a crowd). Love you Kait, thank you so much for the signed copy of my see through mind, it arrived today. Keep it real and I’ll keep commenting xoxo

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    • Oh cool! that’s quicker than I expected ☺. It’s just a safety mechanism, I guess. You learn when you get hurt lots!! That’s not me right now though 😊 take care, peace, love n hugs always xoxo

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