Last thought in a Playground

playground thought

She’s beating the

crap out of me

I want to be


But I can’t find a gap

to even try

and hit back

She kicks me in

my side

Everyone there wants to see

me cry

I can hear their

jeering calls

of magnified echoes

charging through halls

This strange metamorphosis

in sound

is my ticket off

the gravelly ground

And I can see myself

lying there

The group of bystanders

shout and cheer

My body, I see

crumpled like

a sack

And I never even got a chance

to throw a punch back

© Kait King, 2015

20 thoughts on “Last thought in a Playground

    • Or perhaps as long as there are humans….it is so tragic 😦Maybe human’s advancement in humanity, leaves a gap for good ol’ human nature? It’s a very interesting cycle to identify but I think impossible to break!😐

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  1. This just made me feel like she is life and the bystanders are society. Like sometimes life will throw punches, and at times people want to see you fail. But what matters is your response to it all on a deeper personal level.

    I really enjoyed reading this.

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  2. Violence is still popular because it feels good at the time. Bullying was never my forte but I did enjoy hitting out at those who did it to others. I’m not afraid of pain and never have been, I do hate those who go around in gangs and pick on the lonely and weak which is why I targeted them at school. Bullying continues at work but it’s time for all of us to stand together and demand it ends now.

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    • Violence shouldn’t be something that feels good – that in itself is abnormal – I think it has so much to do with media and the de-sensitisation of our youth. Our values are skewed, and again retaliating with violence doesn’t really change anything to be honest – and research shows. I know your intention was good but unfortunately gets lost in not changing anything!

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      • I know what you mean, however, violent behaviour will only increase if left unchecked. The biggest help for evil to thrive is for good people to do nothing. The strongest army on the planet is the Swiss and they’ve never had a war in centuries, catch my drift?

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      • That may be a little one dimensional – the Swiss also have huge societal structures and great wealth. Also 2 years service is compulsory – therefore, the statistical skew on the size of it’s army! 😉 Swiss don’t interject themselves into others wars either – so not a great comparison to convince me I’m sorry lol 🙂

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