Like the Seasons

15478110868_cf57cafc79_b Like the seasons HiveMind

Your’e fading

on me again,

Quietly moving


Distancing yourself

So that you think

I won’t notice…

The bed is

our friendly


Saving us

from ourselves

and each other

It’s a waiting

game as

your brain seasons


And you will

be back if

you go

And we go



… again

Kait King 25/01/2020


19 thoughts on “Like the Seasons

  1. I just want to get lost in you even if the world doesn’t find me.
    I don’t mind being called a fool as long as its only you I see..
    Hold me in your arms like a tool
    I want every sentence to address you and I as we…….

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    • Oh my dogg, I know…one more try, I don’t want to fail at this relationship, I don’t want to be a statistic….ugh, yeah! And then you get out of it and think “why the hell did I wait so long!” I’m sorry you can relate so well to thisπŸ˜” And thank you πŸ™‚πŸŒ»

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