Her internal organs

were completely shoved

out of place

You couldn’t tell

where her eyes were

on her once

normal face

Her mouth,

no teeth…

although alive,

she had only 2

Her fingernails

held DNA

Her bruises spoke

in black

and blue

There was no weapon,

no club

no knife

Just pure

Red Rage

Rage enough

to steal

a life

Her family

yes, she has one,

Will have to hear

the tragic


of how,

in her relationship,

she was violently


The children


their father

as she was


punched and


It’s said she

stayed for

the children

Now, a lesson

sadly learned

And putting to

“Rest” their

Mother’s bones

So they look ahead

“Stay positive”

“You’re not alone”

“At least you have

a roof over

your head”

and face life

in a

foster home

While wishing

they were


Kait King 2020


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