Does it Matter?

Does it matter

what color I am,

Does it matter, what color?

When I feel

just the same?

Does it matter

what faith I follow

Does it really matter, my faith?

When I can be

both deep and shallow?

Does it matter

if I’m alive or dead?

Does it matter

who it really is

When we all bleed


Kait King 2018

32 thoughts on “Does it Matter?

    • Thank you ☺ Oh Dogg! I know what you mean. It’s not easy but the more you mess around with it, the more you find out. Hell I posted half sentences and things I didn’t know how to delete. Or schedule. Or add a picture to!!! Check out the customizer button and the help stuff is very good too. All the very best ☺ Welcome and I look forward to your words!☺

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  1. lol sorry just reminded of The Rock and his wrestling promo catch phrase, one of them β€œit doesn’t matter what your name is!” Samoan Royalty Wrestling family grew up in Auckland for a time, The biggest Samoan city in the world, hehe. Dwayne Johnson.

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