Child Abuse: Phase Two…from behaviour to desire

Understanding the Predator – Desire

Previously I discussed the behavior of the pedophile. Now I’d like to address the desire that spurns the predator into scarring our children.

Take, for example, the standard human relationship of a male and a female, or homosexual relationships as well, the straight adult male seeks a woman with say, an hourglass figure, long hair, big boobs, and maybe a small butt. Or what about a homosexual male relationship? He may, for example, be looking for someone who is tall, bulky and muscular or perhaps for someone who has an athletic build. Regardless of their sexuality, the desire to be with someone is created normally, from attraction to the adult physique – the physical is what attracts us all initially in the realm of adult relationships.

The first thing we are attracted to is what we see. That has been the norm since forever. As a woman I desire certain physical male attributes – I want a hairy chest and armpits, I like my man to be strong – have strong arms and chest, I like it that he pads around my house like a big cat – these are desirable physical attributes to me, as a straight female. We are talking purely physical attraction/desire so please keep this in mind. Straight men will have other triggers, which I’m sure we are all familiar with, like when she bends over, the way she flicks her hair back, her boobs when they squish together when she bends over, when she bends over…you know the drill! πŸ˜‰

Anyway, let us assess what a paedophile must see as desirable in a child. Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, primary school kids,pre-teens – the majority of these age groups do not have a shapely figure and no breasts, no butt, no adult conversation. So is the pedophile attracted to those little cute, pudgy bodies, plump little cheeks and wispy head of hair etc? Physical attraction is what first triggers that desire, right?

What about those individuals who claim it is about control. Is it really about being socially awkward and being unable to talk to a grown woman/man? Is it then that every paedophile suffers with Asperger’s or Autism of some kind? Why don’t other socially awkward people become pedophiles then? I think it’s because it is not about control but about attraction – same principal as in the first part of Phase 1 – you cannot counsel, medicate, talk or religion me out of my sexuality – it is innate and this is why a paedophile cannot be rehabilitated.

All they will learn to do is hide their sexuality better, they will learn to be better skilled at obtaining silence from their victim/s, they will become better at saying what the professionals need to hear to let them back out into our communities. It’s a fault, it’s not fixable, you cannot rehabilitate away an individual’s sexual preference. It is that simple. The 35c solution is that simple. Parents and families who have lost kids to pedophiles, both spiritually and in life, also know it’s that simple.

Is what we have been doing so far working for us? Are our kids safe?

25 thoughts on “Child Abuse: Phase Two…from behaviour to desire

  1. It is a very interesting, albeit controversial subject. I’ve been a true crime buff for years – probably since my uncle was murdered in 1993 – and I recently watched a doco on Catholic priests guilty of pedophilia in Australia. Some of the things they talked about were very confronting, especially details of what victims went through, and it was hard not to feel completely disgusted with the priests involved. The one thing they did say though was that chastity and celibacy was not the issue. Priests did not abuse children because they were not allowed to have sex. They did it because they were drawn to the priesthood for it’s access to children. One of the priests said he’d always been attracted to the innocence of children. The fact that their bodies were pre-pubescent, hairless and at a certain age, almost genderless. This leads me to believe that the church is a beacon for pedophiles and that they can’t be rehabilitated. Those found guilty of multiple acts of abuse should be fully castrated if they’re not going to bring back capital punishment. And I mean not just chemically castrated. Make it so the bastards have to sit down to pee.

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    • I have always believed these vulgar beings hide in plain sight. And unfortunately are in every industry/department etc you can imagine. I think they need a bullet, that’s how I honestly feel – the 35c solution! You can’t change a person’s sexuality. I’m sorry about your uncle’s tragic passing, that’s awful and very hard to absorb into normal life. Thanks so much for your interesting comment, great to read!πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸŒ»

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    • Oh and I meant to say I also saw that documentary btw. Apparently the pedophile priests get to go and holiday for the rest of their days in some foreign pedophile priest resort….vile beings…

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  2. Interesting read, I read a book from acclaimed Crime fiction author Michael Connelly called “The Poet” earlier this year, and the story is in dual narrative, one of them being from the perspective pedophile/serial killer. It was an interesting read but that shit was disturbing as hell because the author didn’t beat around the bush with that characters actions, but it was still a great read.

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