What can we do about child abuse? Phase One – Sexual

I would just like to say this is purely my opinion based on the knowledge and research I have undertaken. I would like to also note that I have absolutely nothing against consenting adults indulging in whatever they agree upon but this is not the case with child abuse. Apologies in advance if I offend anyone, although, not if you’re a paedophile or an abuser or violator of any kind!

1.) Understand the Paedophile

There is no race, country, religion, creed, colour or status that child abuse does not touch. With or without; money, love, two parents, exceptional education or anything and everything money can or cannot buy, will not identify who will and who will not be touched by child abuse. The innate behaviour of a paedophile can’t be changed. I use the word innate as it is – it is a preference that a paedophile is behaviourally, innately (not by choice – like being homosexual) attached to and can’t change. For example, I am a straight female – heterosexual. There is no amount of counselling, medication, psychiatric, religious or any other kind of “help” to be offered to me to change the fact that I am heterosexual – you cannot counsel me into being a lesbian or a fetishist or to like B&D if that is not part of my reptilian brain sexuality and not who I, innately, am.

Perhaps if we took more of an attitude that paedophiles cannot be rehabilitated (as science realised with homosexuality – it is their sexuality and not a choice), perhaps then less harm would come to our children. The majority of paedophiles who go through rehabilitation programmes re-offend again and very quickly. How would you go through life without sexual gratification, particularly during the peak of your hormonal life without any sexual gratification even though there are numerous opportunities for you to fulfil that desire – and yet you can not. This is irrational and unreasonable to expect of someone’s sexuality. Sexuality is what we are hot-wired for as human beings. It is what makes the world turn. So with that being said, with sexuality such a massive part of our being as human beings to survive – how on earth can we possibly expect a known paedophile not to re-offend?

We look at the paedophile through our own eyes and perception – a “non-pedocentric” view, whereas we need to know how a paedophile perceives the world and his opportunity, his innateness and where he can be tripped up. We need to do extensive research into common identifiers paedophiles use to select a child to groom, whether on-line or in the real world scenario. They will be very different scenarios, also whether familial or non-familial grooming. The majority of offending against children was familial, but now with the internet and the availability that strangers have to our children, this is swaying. We need to do everything – not something – but everything to protect OUR children the world over. A society should be measured by the way it takes care of its’ vulnerable populations, not by how many meetings/summits/discussions a country pays for to discuss which assets should be sold or a lot of hot air where nothing changes but the hotel break was lovely and the food was great! For who’s benefit?

This is just the start of something I would like to continue writing about – this is Part One of goodness knows how many pieces, as this topic is fricken massive, but needs to be addressed. It is something that eats away at my heart and soul every day and so I hope whether you agree, disagree, have other stories, please share, please get involved because the more we talk about this, the more we find out, the more we can change. I mean, imagine if we could find out that the majority of paedophiles pick children who, for example, don’t make eye contact or wear the colour yellow – we would at least have something to work with. We must empower our children and remove power from the paedophile. I believe in the 35c solution for paedophiles – or use them for testing instead of our innocent animals – either way, they are taking up OUR kids air that they should not have to fear breathing anywhere at any time.

© Kait King, 2015

In Phase 2 I would like to continue with addressing the innate behaviour of the paedophile and the impossibilities of changing this, but with regards to desire and not just behaviour.

42 thoughts on “What can we do about child abuse? Phase One – Sexual

  1. I think the law tiptoes Round this issue, because a lot of the people on top are involved in this sickening behaviour. Jeffrey Epstein comes to mind. This is a very valid discussion, and it needs to be discussed as openly as possible to not only raise awareness, but encourage the pursuit of a solution. Thanks for sharing Kait. 🙏

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    • I totally agree. The biggest stakeholders in this are the elite. There needs to be the opening of this can of worms – it will spread far and wide. I suspect the Russian/Ukraine fight may take the lid off some really bad stuff but it’s just the beginning. Truly a fight for our children, a battle between good and bad. And this is a global war. The poor kids on micro and macro levels are being manipulated, coerced through to being sold for sex or body parts. You’d think our governments would be all over it…..shame on them

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  3. Thank you for sharing this. This is an eye opener and I am sure it has enlightened a lot of people. And give voice to those who are most likely going through this or those who have gone through this already. I hope someday they have the voice to stand up for themselves.

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    • Thank you so much 🙏🙂 yes, we must try to get to a place of realizing that the victim does not hold the shame, the perpetrators do…thank you for your comments and for sharing your thoughts 🌻

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    • Wow, I am very much impressed. I feel you’ve touched majority of everything happening in the society. For a fact, everything you said is true and is still currently happening, heard of so many cases and I am really depressed as to why this is still going on. What is really happening. We need to put a STOP to it. Enough of the ABUSE. I mean ABUSE in any form. It’s sad cause a lot of people are secretly going through this and can’t voice out their pain or sorrow. Having to deal with so much at a very young age, the trauma they have to go through. It’s disheartening. Thank you for sharing this I hope it helps a lot of people know the direction to go.

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  4. I am glad you opened up this subject.. I read the comments of fellow bloggers above also.. It is really a sad state as it happens in every corner of the world.. That’s really bad..
    I thought it would not be the case in well developed countries..

    I remember my best friend shared one incident from her childhood.. A priest cum teacher was a very good man in our locality, but my friend revealed he was a child abuser. he used to touch girls wherever he wanted and warned them if they reveal this to anyone he would hurt them badly. My friend said during that period more than abuse fear was vulnerable.

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    • Unfortunately there are no borders with perversion. And the perverts pray on the vulnerable. We have very little knowledge and just about zero research about them which needs to change. We need to speak about these things. They are real, they affect us, our children, our families and communities…something must be done. Thank you for your comment and sharing. Go well 🙏

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    • I too, I am still in my discovery of talking about mi experience or seeking for help. I hate the fact that there are still a lot of people who are going through the same thing. I want people to know they should feel safe to speak up and let’s put an end to all these sexual harassment, sexual abuse, assault and so many others. We need to say No to this.

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  6. A lot of pedophiles were sexually abused themselves when they were children (but I’m sure there are some people who are born with that preference), if previous abuse is an indication of future offending behaviour then the vicious cycle of abuse could in theory be broken for a lot of families/individuals.
    I feel the rehabilitation programmes could be hugely improved. Also not to forget the hugely beneficial tactic of *early intervention*. If you could encourage older teenagers/young adults to come forward without a fear of punishment (unless they had already offended) then you could intervene and prevent.

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    • I think sadly again, that you can’t change someone’s sexual preference. It’s not a choice to be gay/straight/ lesbian/trans etc. As you say, “some people who are born with that preference…” None of us can help who we are at the basic instinct level – which sex is one of. It’s like trying to identify someone who may be gay or straight and then intervening to make them straight or gay – it will make no difference to sexual preference. Just a freak of nature and potentially again nurture has a role too. These are just my opinions from what I know and have experienced/researched. Thank you for commenting – it’s such a volatile subject but so desperately needed to be brought out of the shadows. 🙂

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  7. I remember some men/boys trying to touch my tiny boobs when I entered teenage. At 12 I was too young and I didn’t know a thing about sex… I still don’t understand why they did it.. I do not have kids yet but those that I love a lot have and I love those kids.. .I have seen kids, girls as well as boys expressing their thoughts on this topic and to be true I feel sick of it. I am going to read this articles that you write about them so I can perhaps understand them a bit and teach kids & moms around me something.

    Thanks for sharing Kait 🙂

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    • Oh that is amazing and exactly why I chose to write on such an awful topic as honestly as I can. It has been my whole life’s worth to help children or at least attempt to help them either avoid this situation or be able to cope when things like this happen. I studied criminology and joined the police in order to be able to make a difference in this field. Sadly an injury has changed my life and I’m unable to work at this stage 😦 But hearing that you will be able to benefit or be able to help others because of what I have shared is incredible for me – I can still make a difference through writing, even though I’m not hands on anymore…Thank you so much, this is inspiration for me 🙂 You might also like to share The Secret Password with your friends – a great safety mechanism and simple and effective to keep kids safe 🙂


  8. I am a victim of sexual abuse. Or was. I was 9 years old when this forst began…. At 19 years old I ran away from home to escape the siution. I am not 28 years old and I have gone through every pharse of accepting this happened. Now I say it is my past not my now. It get no control over me.

    As for the person who abused me? Well persons…. both were step-fathers husband’s of my mother…. she was re married multiple times. Those abusers they were weak men who wanted control over me as a child. But can you believe that bu 14 I was able to control them?

    I too like you would like to be able to figure out what is inside there heads? Why? And especially how we can protect our children. Not only protect them but arm them with tools and guide them on how to not become a victim.

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    • I’m so sorry you had to go through that but that is ExAcTlY what I’m talking about – the best way to disarm or topple your enemy is to know it, inside and out. I truly believe that in the cases of sexual abuse, that is actually innate behaviour- one must get stimulated in order to have a “happy ending” and how can you feel like that about a child? It’s so wrong and I don’t believe you rehab/counsel someone into not finding kids an attractive sexual object even though they don’t look like adults. That’s something else and unchangeable. I am pro the death penalty for guilty paedophiles – why release them back in society? I believe the majority of us don’t want them around! I live in NZ, there is no death penalty here and life is 14 measly years! Anyway, I won’t start! Thank you for sharing your story – and it is people like yourself who just confirm I am promoting the right thing! Imagine if we KNEW that green t-shirts were high indicators in predators approaching a kid – NONE of us as parents, would ever put our kids in green t-shirts! Not enough money goes into research etc as usual. And our kids suffer – unfortunately it does come down to the $, helping kids costs money for the government, it doesn’t make money. 😦

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    • I know how this feels exactly. I am sorry you had to go through all of these. But I am glad you are now in control and it had nothing on you anymore. Healing is a gradual process and it takes time. First Is to admit that it happened then seek for help. I hope your story can encourage those going through this phase. God bless you

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    • That’s the most natural and normal reaction – me too. I’ve found that often times, it’s best to find the weakest link – a vulnerability, in order to take it down – and to do that you need to know your opponent better than he knows himself 😉 Knowledge is power!

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