OK, I’ll open my big mouth first…

My big mouth first - depression-through-art-1

Like I mentioned in a previous post, it’s not easy talking about suicide – especially if you are directly involved on either end of that very sharp stick.  I have been on both and a lot of splinters in between.  I said it was time to talk about suicide and all of its branches that lead us there and why.  And it’s true, but I can’t expect anyone else to be prepared to talk or reach out, even to me, if I don’t do it first.  I can’t expect anyone to do something I’m not prepared to do myself.  So I’ve put myself out there, so what? I will continue to do so until things change about how we help others and ourselves.  Until we find out what more we can do to help each other to understand, identify and prevent so much pain and misunderstanding, we must keep facing the fire and get to know it very well, very very well. Just like we delve into everything else we want to find out about, understand and manage.  Why the dark shroud around suicide?  It’s time to talk.

Kait King 2020

12 thoughts on “OK, I’ll open my big mouth first…

    • Many do reach out and many don’t – for whatever reasons. Sometimes a stranger is easier to tell than someone we know… I’m so very sorry you have been ignored when you’re hurting so bad. And I’m so glad you’re still here!!
      I’m hoping that we can share our experiences, find out more about suicide and potentially get some strength, support, understanding and a better idea of ourselves and how we can come back from the edge. Know that if I was part of your circle of family and friends, I would care, I would listen, I would try to understand at least. Then we have to ask ourselves, ” Am I surrounding myself with the people I need in my life?” People think they care but because there’s such a cloak around suicide, they’re never given any real knowledge, guidance on what to do or how to care for someone crumbling. We need to share the signs, feelings, indicators, emotions etc. Sorry for rambling but thank you so much for speaking up and saying your truth. Peace, love n light ☮️ 💜 🌻

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