You know it’s over when…

u kno its over wen

So this is it

I mean nothing to you

I no longer exist in your world

There is no contact number for me

In your cellphone


Kait King © 2015


88 thoughts on “You know it’s over when…

  1. I’ll share a crappy story – a friend of mine fell head over heels for a woman. He bought expensive jewelry for her. The next day, she texted him “yeah, not interested anymore.” He was heartbroken. I’m guilty of relationship crap via text. Even my ex-husband and I STILL have horrible habits of fighting via g-chat/text/etc. I am really trying to force myself to stay quiet via text and talk in person to eliminate misunderstanding. I am basically re-teaching myself how to communicate, because text is all I have been doing. I basically ruined my last relationship with all my texting. A lot to say, I relate to this so much, sadly.

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    • Oh I’m sorry, it’s really hard not to retaliate or respond if someone is having a go at you. I’ve learned over much time to just keep quiet or wait to get some face time. Otherwise all that happens is a fuelling of the fire… and sometimes silence speaks volumes! 🙂 I’m also worried that we will lose the ability to communicate face to face. And that would be sad 😔

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  2. That reminded me of my experience when my ex broke up with me over the phone when I was just about to come out of the subway so she said something like “Don’t ever call me again!” *interference* “What? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you..” She said “I’m breaking up with you!” *she hangs up* .. Terrible breakup, I tell you my friends!

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