Another Opportunity


Yes love,

that’s exactly

what you do

Dust yourself off

once you’ve

pulled yourself up

and sing


stand tall

Honey if you

think about it

it’s not the first time

and be sure

it will not be the last

You know the rights

from the wrongs

Don’t ever let them change

your song

With a Nelson Mandelian


and a dignity dug

from the deep

You will triumph

and in a cloud of

dust, like a rolling

Pig Pen

You flagrantly walk

your walk into

another opportunity

© Kait King, 2016


22 thoughts on “Another Opportunity

  1. Oh I love this!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST got a book about Mandela from the library last Sunday, because I wanted to help myself handle conflicts without passive-aggressiveness or aggressiveness! Hehe, Kait, you simply must get out of my head, it’s quite a mess up there! 😉 Oh thank you for this poem, I was crying earlier, fell asleep, woke up and saw this. You’re sending me smiling into the world to do my errands (babies need Valentine’s Day cards!) From one mother to another, love and thanks Kait. ❤

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  2. Oh wow, how inspiring was that man Nelson Mandela? You have done his words justice sister, as always your poetry rings with amazing clarity but you based it on the most amazing person of the 20th century. I am amazed how many people heard him speak and actually listened to his message, he spoke not of hatred although he would have had the right. He spoke not of exclusion although he would have had the right. He spoke of forgiveness and inclusion to make the world a better and brighter place, for that he will be remembered and rightly so.

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    • He is my hero – he didn’t let the way people wanted him to be, define who he was, he was defined by his generosity of spirit and an ability to move forward with love and not look back with hate – and like you say, he had every right to – us norms would – but he was a special spirit. Thank you so much for your kind words though – I am honoured to have his message of love and forgiveness in my heart and even more so at being able to give them justice in my own words too 🙂 Love you Dave, have a most beautiful week and take care my dear friend xoxo

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