If you thought…

If you thought

If you thought

you knew him

he could be read

like a book

Seeing is believing, baby

turn the page –

take a look

If you thought

you loved him

and he’d do anything

for you

check out his phone

he’s not at home

and now love,

you know what’s true

If you look at him

and think

to yourself

He’s not what

they see

Look a little

closer girl

the truth in him

will tease

And if he’s truly

for you

know beyond

a doubt

and if he isn’t


best you get

the fuck out

Β© Kait King, 2015

41 thoughts on “If you thought…

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  2. True. And all I see around me are couples unhappy with each other. They complain about each other, they fight with each other, they doubt each other, they cheat on each other. I wonder why they wish to see me get married??!! πŸ€”

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