If you really cared…

if you really cared

What’s the difference

when it’s all the same

we go down this road

and come back again

Forgiven you, I haven’t

when it’s caused me

all this pain

and if you try to find me

I’ll fall back into you


© Kait King, 2015


28 thoughts on “If you really cared…

  1. Hmmm, another masterpiece from you. If only we could learn to love and still be detached. Is it humanly possible? We all go through different feelings and emotions every day, sometimes strong sometimes weak, and in those weak moments, we fall into the same trap again and again… Bravo Kait👌👍

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  3. I was aboutto ramble my humous crap about my husband neing available only because ineed a holiday and i could really love the back up however alas even the devilish female on this planet would struggle joking lol

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  4. That is what i want to do… im 50 this year and im taking my hubby and from now until i die i wANt no more regret no more excuzes of doubt and no more shitty friends that gives back nothing .. and i will definately have a well used smile on my face when i to this. Lol

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    • I love it! I’m 52 and I feel the same, although recently single by choice. I want to live my life, make me happy first, and best of all, yes….No Regrets!!😁


  5. Self loathing… huge different change your mind set and set yourself free… 1 life hun… use it abuse it and say to St Paul at the pearly gates … i used my body well and it maybe a little done but far out it was the best ride of my life… and enter those doors with your new one.. and exhale… a job done well

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  6. Crazy thing is, they need to set you free in order for you to be free, yet you’re the one who is apparently free as you’re not in a relationship with them. Sometimes letting go means hiding in a cave until they, and all of the control they have over your feelings, has passed by. You have to stop all contact, it’s the only way. Like drug dependency you have to go cold turkey to get over it. And it hurts like fuck…sorry but it does. You go through a phase of thinking that if you’re just around them, it’s enough. But it’s not. Perhaps she won’t understand anything but you must know this: You, as a human being with soul, deserve more. Look after your heart ☺ apologies for rambling!😊


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