14 thoughts on “Why is A Having more important than A Being….😔

  1. To their private islands where they believe nature will spare them. She will only spare those that chose themselves and to respect and care for her. Then again the multibillionaires believe they shall find safety on another planet. I cannot grasp their greed or their indifference to the homeless.

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  2. I don’t believe any of those things are more important than being. I admit I am fond of technology and I don’t believe in excess. Just what I need. I have a great backpack that I could put everything I consider vital and go live in the woods. I don’t really like the way the world has become or by what people let define them.
    IMHO it is time for a great rethink or this ship is going to sink. Sad is it not Kait? Do you not see it?

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    • I think we are already desperately trying to bail water out of the listing ship, I’m afraid! But I’m like you, my contentment level is low. Often our nature’s determine this but unfortunately society and the media have a lot to answer for. We will see the rats leave the sinking ship first….

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