But I’ve already paid!

Already paid

With some leftover tea

I chuck some painkillers at me

A certain kind of guilt and

a definitive disgust wash over me

I fight every day

to keep a smile on my face

being strong, overcome

I have a new life to embrace

I know this is not what

I signed up for

I’ve paid the full price

for so much more

But I guess some you win

and some you lose

So I experience my life

in a different pair of shoes

But I’m still so sure

I was destined for so much more

so much more

I’ve already paid for

Β© Kait King, 2015


28 thoughts on “But I’ve already paid!

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  2. You give so much joy to others, through your poetry and it’s often easy to forget how much you suffer every day. Kait, please don’t get disheartened on the bad days there are lots of us out here sending you love and hope that you can keep brightening our days with your strength and poetry. Love and huge hugs to you from us all xoxo

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