You’ll say to me

You say to me

I’m uncomfortably present

awkwardly I’m here

Cleverly you’ve trapped me

by playing on my fear

I don’t want to say yes

but something in me is sparked

and if I don’t say yes

I won’t have a heart

you’ll say to me

You’ll say to me

I don’t really love you

that I’m not really into it

and my love is not true

And yet that twist inside me

coils like a snake

ready to make me feel bad

making me ready to hate


Β© Kait King, 2015


40 thoughts on “You’ll say to me

  1. This is the reality, and it happens in nowadays relationship.They try to blame us for their mistake . All those dramas and stuffs are making love, lose its meaning. True love is rare nowadays…All they have is temporary feelings…..

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  2. Kait, not sure of the pic at first. The words spark emotions as you always manage. The meter’s running, she’s leaving (or he’s leaving) heartbreak behind in the wake. If this doesn’t stir something inside then you’re already dead xoxo

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