University Sleep

University sleep

It’s time for me to close my eyes

the sleep – she calls me in

tempting me with promises

of dreams from deep within

Happy to drown in fluid darkness

my lungs relaxed and full

spiralling soft, my body jumps

but still I feel the pull

And so I slumber deep and long

my dreams are all but lost

as I pull myself up from this sleep

to be chilled by morning’s frost

My bed, it lies like a crumpled body

it’s death, by noose, my sheets

I pull on my jeans, headphones on

and head into the streets

The bus stop frozen from icy glares

the wind a second best

We glide and jerk through glistening streets

I know I’m not a guest

My homework lies upon my lap

I want to turn around and go back home

Even my music has lost it’s colour

and bleeds into a drone

We fall out of the bus in an untidy crowd

the Subway reeks of cheese

I feel broken and somewhat heavy

Would they notice if I fell on my knees

My iPod turns into my lecturer

and continues in a monotonous tone

My brain has surpassed this walled in campus

I fall back into my cool dream zone

My liveliness is so inspired by friends of sweet love and sweet dreams

this shining light of laughing free

and left splitting at the seams

We say adiΓ³s and walk away

our paths cross again tomorrow

I find myself doubting myself

is this the path that I should follow?

I stand in the queue, the bus pulls up

we file in like a production line

stamped and paid and sit if you’re lucky

the sun’s shining and every thing’s fine

I walk briskly home, it’s getting dark

I walk in tune with a song

And wonder at ideologies like…

why can’t we all get along?

It’s warmer inside and my little friend

turns himself inside out to see me

I talk, I eat, I study hard just to go back

to be soft, warm and dreamy

Β© Kait King, 2015


97 thoughts on “University Sleep

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  4. This was gripping, held me captive during each sentence πŸ€”

    Despite a few urges to leave, the lure of the next sentence intrigued me too much.

    Very nicely written, I love the style.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ˜„

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  7. Hi!
    Nice post! I’m making posts about scientific explanations behinde everyday appearance and recently I’ve made post about sleep so if you have time and will please go and check it out! If you like it please follow me, I follow you.
    Thank you! πŸ˜€

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    • Hahaha! Yes – I went back as a “mature” student ( you gotta love it) πŸ™‚ – so only a few years ago which helped me be a part of the today uni student! πŸ™‚ I did love it though

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