So who the f**k does she think she is…..

Well, I like swearing – sometimes there is absolutely nothing else to do but spit out an expletive – even that word describes it well, expletive – nice

I’ve worked with animals and people, both good and bad on both counts…. I still prefer animals

I love most music and have sung in bands (helped me pay my way through uni, great times)

I’m a child of the Universe, guided by my heart and brought into line by my integrity and my conscience

I’ve always loved writing, I write poetry, lyrics and of course, some unpretty stuff but I’m not apologising for that

I like to go dark and deep psychologically into the character/killers’ mind, I’ve always been analytical – I like fact, evidence and answers….most of the time ๐Ÿ˜‰

I like laughing alot, I like people around me who like laughing – life is a bitch, I’ve met her so I laugh with friends and family as much as I can

I was aiming to be the Prime Minister but the Universe had other plans. I’m liking this plan though…

If you would like to know the more serious stuff about me please have a look at my profile on ย If you would like to ask me anything please email me too.

Thanks for taking a look, I appreciate it

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