Filthy Lucre Lust

There’s a light blinking

A candle

The dripping wax

is blood red

Like my life

seeping from my


And there’s a nuisance

in my head

Who do I


Who do I


When it all seems

to be about

money –

that Filthy Lucre Lust

by Kait King


(The not-so-cuddly) Security Blanket


“It’s like a

Bomb’s gone off

in my head

My body is

numb – it’s

Not there!”

She said

“It’s like I

have really


my will

Nothing left in


 gives me

the slightest

thrill –

and the depression

has taken me

it’s now complete

I’m shrouded in

The darkness of


“Depression Sheet”

She says it’s safe

for her to sit

right there –

She’s comfortable






Kait King July 2021

Is it

Is it

So do you think it may annoy you

should I love you too much

That time would trap you

in a heartbeat

If I won’t give you up

Is it crazy to think

that you will only touch

my skin

stroke my hair

and let me in

Will it be overwhelming if I say

I love you every day

leave notes in your lunchbox

and always want you to stay

the night

the week


Is it rude of me to want all of you

not a share, a percentage or a piece

but the everything and nothingness

of you

the very most


the very least

© Kait King, 2015

The Somnambulant

I don’t believe I am alone in thinking this – that some have buried their heads in the sand and choose not to face the demons. I do believe we need to stop sleep-walking and start uniting. Unity is the only way we are going to move forward.

It seems to me, that the majority of the governments and their media monsters, are corrupt and need to be removed. Completely restructured – no person awake to what is really going on is going to want to leave any of those governmental people in place – I’m sure!

Now, I’m talking globally above and I come from New Zealand, so looking a little closer at NZ ’cause it’s what I know and what I’m living right now.

It’s been flabbergasting, our poor country has been literally burned to the ground by our finally, thank Dog, soon to be ex-prime minister, Jacinda Ardern. No one in the history of this country has so divided its people, twisted the law of man and land, lied about so many unfinished – never intended projects, decimated the economy, separated friends and families under mandates, stolen final moments for loved ones, lockdowns causing unprecedented suicides, joblessness, mortgagee sales – it is just endless.

The filthy World Economic Forum baby, Jacinda, steps down officially tomorrow – the 7th of February 2023. I’d love to cheer and celebrate. But her clodhopper flat heels have been filled by the so quaintly coined, by the incredible comedy journo Derty Sesh, “Chris Bitchkins” – the PM’s understudy, Hipkins. He and Jacinda go way back. University days back. WEF Young Global darlings days back…

So nothing has changed. The parties haven’t changed. The bullshit being spun hasn’t changed. The childish squabbling, the virtue signaling, the Elite, the lies – none of this is what I want to carry on with. Heading towards 15 or 20 minute cities, social credit scores, lockdowns, bugs for food, natural vitamins and remedies restricted, mandates and more slavery. Assigning slavery to our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren and so on.

I know my ancestors blood wasn’t spilled in vain when they fought for freedom, for my freedom. I will not just hand that freedom over to be even further enslaved or controlled altogether.

Ultimately there are more of us than them….

I Dance Emotions

dance with emotions

I breathe feelings

I dance emotions

and coddle dreams

I rap time

if it’s mine

and wander the roads

of forever

I trickle into hearts

sometimes I’m poured

sometimes it’s voracious



The mystical flow

of the words that glow

in the firelight

faces wait

breath held in


waiting on

the words of love

so soft

so real

so true

I feel them

Can you feel them too?

© Kait King, 2015


People experience loss in very different ways. People experience what they value differently too. Depending on what you are taught to value, is how you will experience that loss. If, when growing up, you are taught the difference between giving, taking and sharing we form a basis for understanding value. If you are taught to value money and possessions, that these things make you the person you are, things define you. What if you go bankrupt and lose everything – will you commit suicide? Money and success has represented you and your life.

But if money was not the valued commodity and family was – if you lost everything materialistic, wouldn’t your family or friends have the most important value to you, not your image of success? Family and friends are there when nothing and nobody else is…

How do you define yourself? What is really important to you? How do you represent yourself in the world?

Just food for thought….

Cataclysmically Incorrect

Cataclysmically incorrectjpg

If I win

I will have won this

fair and square

If I lose

I will have lost this

and won’t have to care

about you

or your new girlfriend

If I’m wrong

I will be cataclysmically incorrect

I will owe on every bet

and beg you to forget her

and her endless bank account

legs and youth

If you could just be brave

and tell the truth

But I see you squirming

awkward in your plush car seat

I can see the worm –

it’s turning

Now it’s with me

you cheat…

© Kait King, 2015

When it’s time – it’s time

When it's time it's time

I’m not looking

for somebody else

I just want to

see you

I completed your

lie detector test

and everything I say

is true

There is no rhyme

or reason

to why we feel

this way

but this won’t

be successful

with all the games

you play

I really want to

believe you

but I think

I’ve been

a fool

I just want to

keep silent –

with you

I’ll lose

my cool

So I cry


in my pillow

in the night

Knowing things

are ending

Knowing things

aren’t right

Knowing that

no matter what

you don’t love me

the same

I’ll be the one

at night

alone, I’ll cry

your name

© Kait King, 2015

I buried you, I hope you don’t mind

I buried you

What do you mean?

You don’t get it?

I’ve talked the hind leg

off a donkey

telling you why it is

what it is

and no

I don’t regret it

How can you say that?

How would you know?

I get pissed that

I’m not good enough

I won’t put my

assets on show

I watch you

watching yourself

under the radar

so low

Hiding who you

really are

and now I wish

I didn’t know

When did you do that?

Is it like, someone I know?

There is no name, no face

No one to show

And I need a body

to bury

So I can let you go

© Kait King, 2015

How much?

How much

So I look at my bills

and it scares me half to death

I can’t believe I’ve spent all that

and then all the rest

Numbers march across a page

attempting to make sense

My brain engages zero –

the numbers too intense

And I dream about other things

that I haven’t purchased yet

Like diamond rings and gold plated things

and maybe a Lear jet

© Kait King, 2015

I can’t help it

I can't help it

Lonely words

on a hungry page

I see you through

a love-drenched haze

I’ll make it through

the crying days

I can’t help it that I love you

Bleeding heart

in a tortured mind

I never thought

You could be unkind

But I ll make it through

the hurting time

I can’t help it that I love you

© Kait King, 2015

#2 – Unvaxxed didn’t do enough….Seriously?!?!

I also would just like to point out that the unvaxxed were begging their vaxxing brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles, cousins, aunts, friends – who had jobs in all aspects of society – to NOT take that poisonous experimental gene therapy. They heard us loud and clear but decided to follow dictatorial tyrants instead of doing research, listening carefully to the language used – be discerning! Every situation like this, one needs to ask 2 critical questions.

1. Who are the stakeholder/who benefits?

2. What is the benefit to them?

Then just follow the money trail. For it is all about profit. Nothing to do with health or humanity – more like humonety. Money and profit for them at the expense of our grief and pain.

NZ weather…

Okay, so we’ve had horrendous flooding here. There’s been death and destruction. People and landscapes have been changed forever. A long recovery stretches ahead but as a Kiwi, I know we’ll band together as we do and pull it together. That’s one of the things I love about my country.

But the weather, not so much! We get a lot of rain on average and although you have a gap of blue skies, somewhere, on most days, it still seems to rain a shit tonne. But after this never before seen deluge we’ve experienced, I shall have to find something else to whinge about.

But it does make me wonder about CERN and HAARP and cloud-seeding. Practiced by China, South Africa and Australia as far as I’m aware. There may be many countries messing with our global weather, trying to get their’s right!

What do you complain about the most?

So I Lie To Myself

Not all is well

In this tepid Hell

Frogs in a slow

cooking pot

Unaware how pleasant

is now


And uncomfortably


So I lie to myself

Are we just stupid


Or maybe just dumb?

That we can see

The wood for the trees


All the chopping’s

Been done?

Are we blind

Because we can’t

Seem to see

All the harm being done

To our precious families

Are we blind?

Kait King 2022



You’re bundled

into a car

you don’t know

where you are

You can hear the

indicator blinking

And it triggers your

panicky thinking

You try to count wildly

at something

Knowing ultimately

that this isn’t helping

trying to remember

the twists and bends

Wondering how on Earth

will this all end

© Kait King, 2015